My ideal Halo 5

Ok I’ll make a list ( in no particular order)

  1. Don’t rely on online for the game to function, (ms will made the Xbox one offline but some games still have drm) I would hate if halo 5 became a frisbee after the next gen

  2. Theater for all modes

  3. Firefight and spartan ops

4.multiple seasons of spartan ops

  1. No more cheesey dialogue in spartan ops, kill off ( not literally although it would be nice) Palmer and majestic and focus on crimson. half the time I feel like my spartan has no impact on the story, I don’t care about Thorne the point of spartan ops is to put us at the center right?

6.instant respawn is ok but I would personally prefer if it was gone.

  1. Keep sprint

  2. Remove load outs and go back to placed weapons or at least limit it. spawning with boltshot is stupid and the plasma pistol is killing vehicle play.

  3. More prometheans and make them less robotic I like fighting them but they have no personalities they should talk at us (even if it’s in forerunner or ancient human)

  4. Don’t just make spartan ops hard by placing down as many overpowered enemies as possible as of now its just a grind, especially with lag.

  5. Forge ( farcry 3) that is all.

  6. Halo 3 and reach style armies instead of these random polygons also let us have more control over secondary color, let it paint our whole Soulders and make the skin thing a different option. I like my spartan to be grey and blue not grey with lines of blue.

  7. Custom game options

  8. Playable elites in multiplayer ( don’t limit yourself with the infinity thing)

  9. Custom game finder

  10. Stronger vehicles that aren’t made of cardboard.

  11. Hire Halo 2 and 3 map makers, or make them all like those dlc maps

  12. Have a limited edition with a steelbook ( I hate the new blueray Xbox cases) especially on my shelf next to my halo collection.

  13. Don’t try to be cod , no killstreaks or attachments please speaking of which get rid of those armor mods

  14. If its indeed halo 5 call it halo 5, be consistent!

  15. No more multiplayer Achivements, they are way too situational and half the time you don’t even get on the maps needed enough to get them. In fact scrap dlc Achivements entirely because as it currently stands developers can’t release any dlc for free if it includes Achivements. So in other words 343 could technically release the maps for free after a while like in halo 2. That way more people would find themselves coming back to halo 5 for free maps. Or if you can’t maybe you could just do one or two free map packs to show people their awesomeness.

  16. More post launch support in general.

  17. More advertising, I swear the industry at large dosent get this. Most casual gamers don’t follow Gaming news so you need to show the game to the mainstream. Spend less money having 80 banners on ign and the dashboard and make a dam commercial. I know several people who bought games just because of tv commercials. It’s no mistake that halo 3 was arguably the most commercially successful of the franchise also happened to have the most mass advertising. Gee I remember the huge halo 3 adds in timesquare. I know people who’s parents got them halo 3 for birthdays, Christmas ECT not knowing that they already bought it , without even asking for it. I myself have 3 copies of ce, 2 of halo 2 and 4 halo 3s, I only bought one copy of each game. Guess how many reaches and halo 4s I have? One copy each. I mean its obvious I don’t need those copies but I’m sure Microsoft and bungie didn’t mind.

  18. Keep cortana dead… Bringing her back would completely destroy the artistic integrity of 343.

  19. Don’t just shoehorn old characters from the original trilogy. As much as I love to see arbiter and lord hood I also want them to have substance, purpose and a character arc, not to mention with cortana dead chief is the only chracter from the past games that is confirmed in halo 5. Wouldn’t it be cool
    To just stick by him for awhile, have him be our single direct link to the old games?. When chief is lonely we become lonely, when he misses cortana we
    Will miss her and if he does run in a familiar face we feel what he feels.

  20. Separate chief and the unsc. We have been with them for every halo game thus far and I would like to see chief grow beyond them. Not to say that they will become enemies or anything but it would be interesting to see chief stand for humanity as a whole not just the largest human organization. What makes the non unsc and less worth saving then the unsc, or perhaps even beyond humanity maybe stand for a set of values that cross species. Have chief become more than a unsc war asset.

I could go on forever but this seems like a good place to stop. This is just my opinion of my wants for halo 5, there’s probably some grammar errors and whatnot in here but I feel I Said what needs to be said. Feel free to discuss, disagree, agree, ECT.

What your wishes?