My ideal armor customization

Halo Reach style with the majority of halo 4 armor and the minority of halo 5 armor, I want to change helmets (with some of them having attachments like reach), torso (with the option of adding a knife), left and right solder (with the option of not having any), left and right arm, legs, knees, utility, customizable undersuits, primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and halo 5’s color palette plus more.

This is asking for too much but it would be really cool if all of this was possible. But what do you guys think?

Can I have a gold Banshee helmet and a gold Banshee armour? thx.


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> It is definitely possible but I don’t think that they will still add it to halo 5. We can just hope that they can add it into halo 6.

Yeah, it’s highly possible for H6.

Reach’s customization levels were great. Hope they are brought back.

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> Reach’s customization levels were great. Hope they are brought back.

I actually prefer H4’s customization, but with what I wrote above we can have bothe but more in depth

I hated Halo Reach’s armour customization. The only thing that actually changed was the helmet. The rest of the “armour” looked like you just glued on pieces of metal. Some pieces were incredibly dumb too.

Why don’t Spartans just have Fj para knees? They provided the most protection, they didn’t hinder mobility and they were the most practical. The metal arm didn’t make sense. Shields in Mjolnir armour work by bending the shield around the armour. There was no shield bending tech in the arm and looked very fragile for a prosthetic that would see combat.

I’m not going to get started on the moronic number of grenades present on some chest pieces and the fact that a needle in the wrong place would obliterate billions of dollars worth of Spartan and how idiotic it would be to put grenades on armour when plasma - the enemies main weapon - could set off the grenades through the shields simply by heat alone.

The extra armour in some helmets also didn’t make sense. A needle shard was shown going clean through a helmet and the contents inside. Unless it’s made of vibranium a small piece of metal on the front wouldn’t do crap. One of my biggest cringes in the helmets is why Hazop armor would need an extra filter. I can understand other helmets using the filter because they aren’t made for hazardous conditions, but Hazop was. It’s easy to say “for extremely hazardous conditions” as a cop-out for needing a third option but not being able to to realise that that there is zero logic in that.

I do miss the armor available from Reach and H4. H5’s designs don’t do much for me. Hell, one of the few helmets I want is the Indomitable (Jorge’s helmet from Reach).

Well, expect that for Halo 6. There is no way to see this in Halo 5.