My idea if they are making a halo 5 firefight

So… My idea is that they should bring back firefight. The idea is like firefight should have endless waves of enemies (covenant, forunner, flood). Like at the end of each section of waves there will be a boss and different types of enemies will appear at each wave. You know in warzone right? How much points you get after killing an enemy? Well we should have a req system in firefight and if we get enough kills you can get load out weapons, armor upgrades, Spartan abilities, power weapons and vehicles at your disposal(just like warzone). After each section of waves it will get harder. More skulls will be added on. You should only have a certain amount of lives for your team. Also firefight should be able to play with or without gold membership

what do you guys think about my idea? Let’s try to get 343 's attention if you like my idea. Thanks guys😎