My Idea for Customization (Revised)

After recieveing some feed back about my idea for loadouts I have revised the idea I had for making and acceptable Customization system that will satisfy all members of the community.

Moderators, please feel free to lock the old thread if you see fit.

[IDEA 1]

First of all Custom Loadouts should be removed from Matchmaking with the exception of One (Possibly two) Dedicated playlist(s) Custom loadouts and the ability to edit and restrict the weapons allowed in them will remain a custom game feature.

There could be certain game-modes in core matchmaking that use preset loadouts that are similar except for the primary weapon. The primary weapons in these loadouts will only be similar weapons such as The Carbine and Battle Rifle or in another gametype the DMR, Needle Rifle and Light Rifle, and in yet another You would Have Assault Rifle and SMG Variants. By doing this you would minimize the “Slot Machine effect” Halo 4 and Reach in core matchmaking had and have it so that people who did like they way Halo 4 played could have their haven.

TL;DR:take custom loadouts out of core. And keep preset’s Balanced within each respectice weapon tier.

Idea 2

This one remains unchanged as it will not in anyway affect gameplay and would merely be an athstetic change.

The idea I had was making weapon customization like armor customization in the sence that it is purely athstetic rather than functional. You can unlock “attachments” and Parts for weapons that would not actually affect the way it works except for in ways that are purely cosmetic and will not acualy affect gunplay in any real way. For example You could use any of the different versions of the Assault Rifle from the MA5B to the MA57, or You can Chose a different scope on your Battle Rifle that will change the way your zoom looks but not change your magnification or aim assist or anything, Or you can change the lock on animation on your Rocket Launcher from That of Halo 3 to that of Halo: Reach without changing the effectiveness or lock-on time, or you could equip a Suppressor or a Heavy Barrel to your gun and change the sound a little bit but not affect the audibility or your position on the mini-map. These customizations could be done by a player and be applied to the weapon you spawn with and whatever weapon’s on the field that you pick up, except for other player’s personal spawn weapons. This could also be a tolerable feature so that it’s not jarring when you pick up someone else Battle Rifle that has a different looking scope than you.

By Having athstetic customization for weapons you can add a new level of personalization and add player Incentive to unlock these parts and make there gun look how they like it.

TL;DR: Have weapon attatchments that don’t actually do anything and make it like armor customozation

Keep in mind we don’t know how “Done” Halo 5 Guardians is. It may well be beyond the realm of possibility at that point, I just wanted to get the idea out there especially the second part since it would not affect gameplay in the slightest and would IMO could provide incentive to play