My hype is dead.

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I was unbelievably hyped for the campaign reveal. I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed it. However now we know that the game will “evolve” with certain foundational weapons (magnum & shotgun) missing from the sandbox at release. Something seems fishy.

I’m not just talking about the 2 guns. That isn’t a huge deal in itself. I thought the idea of Halo Infinite being a platform was great. But now we have clues of its true nature. An incomplete game that we just need to go along with for the ride.

I remember being hyped for Destiny 2. This reminds me so much of that garbage. I want Halo Infinite to be amazing. I was even thinking of buying the Series X on release. But now I need to see how this evolving open Halo platform really works post-relese before committing to anything.

Well that’s my rant, have a nice day.