My Hopes for the future of spartan ops

Spartan Ops Season 1 ended with a an interesting note, and I have to say, 343 really stepped up and made it really fascinating and cliffhanging and thrilling. When 343 starts spartan ops back up, I have a few things I would really like to see.

More Vehicle battle - Both Air and Land.

More Objective based missions - Although we have a few buttons to press, I want the missions to be more objective based. Cuz most of the missions were pure firefight. There needs to be more missions like in the last 5 chapter of episode 10.

More first person action sequences - Like the button pressing and assassinations. For example, crimson is on top some sort of structure, and then they jump off it just as some bomb detonates. But Still all in first person. But not like if you jump off a cliff in MP. The Game take over kinds of things.

Splitting up - So In some missions, it would be cool to see if you come in fork in the road, and it goes two and the two teams have different objectives to do.

Work with more spartans/ the Arbiters forces - I’m not the only one who wants to see the arby back in action. So Yeah. Elite V Elite battles. They go into fist fights and stuff and it just looks epic.

So Yeah. What cha tink?

Pretty much everything I want as well, but I also want longer cinematics!!! I freaking love watching these halo cgis…!!

A massive cut in recycled environments would be great.

i only hope that the future spartan ops resembles ODST, in this case let us use our spartans from SpOps, and have them drop to New Phoenix and we would not only have the option to play as our own spartans, but we could play as the members of majestic. Like, our spartan drops and wakes up in the middle of the night in the ruins of New Phoenix, then investigates to find Fireteam Majestic and we would work our way as playing as all 5 members. Wouldn’t that be something?

I’d be okay with just vehicle battles.

> I’d be okay with just vehicle battles.

So you wouldn’t want better objectives and completely new environments? Why settle for the mediocre?

> I’d be okay with just vehicle battles.

Yeah, in this case, i would want to drive the Hornet, not the Falcon.

I also want to see new environments, with some unique climates/weather. I want some rainy stormy missions. Also some snow if we can. I love snowy halo missions. There always the best!