My hopes for Halo 5 theming and story

Hey guys I’m gonna talk a little bit about what I hope to see in the campaign as far as story and theming goes.

I’ve heard that Halo 5 is meant to be the darkest Halo game, which excites me. It also got me thinking of past Halo’s and what they could do now with the theming since Halo 4 essentially did the same thing to the old trilogy that The Dark Knight did to older depictions of Batman. I think the Halo universe would benefit if it tried to capture a more realistic and mature tone.

I’ve always loved Gears of War since the first one came out for it’s gore and darker themes but I realize that Halo can’t and shouldn’t be this gory game where people’s heads explode and the characters swear every 2 seconds. That being said, I do think Halo could have some more blood. I mean, this is a war, soldiers die all the time and we should be reminded about the horrors of war. When’s the last time we saw a soldier, that John couldn’t save, laying on the ground choking on his own blood as he dies? In one of the books they describe a time when the Covenant slaughtered human civilians in some colony and it sent John into a cold rage. He stayed in the area until every responsible enemy soldier was dead for the atrocity. Why can’t we see more of this in the games? We should get to a part where we find the bodies of massacred civilians and realize why the Master Chief is so dedicated to saving lives and being the best soldier he can possibly be to ensure everyone’s safety.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see people running to John for safety and hearing him direct them towards refuge while the Covenant are assaulting the city? I’m not saying every mission should try to be a tearjerker or kill off characters for the shock factor either. Cracking a joke every once in a while is fine and totally understandable. I guess what I’m trying to say is I hope to see the darker side of Halo explored more, especially since 343 started to set a more mature tone with Halo 4.


Anyone have any thoughts on this or anything they’d like to share?

Frankly I think IF the flood are due to return in next gen glory we are going to see some pretty disturbing mature content. Did you see some of the flood models from Halo 2 Anniversary? The human heads actually unsettled me a bit and I’m a huge horror movie buff.