My hopes and fears for halo infinite

Halo infinite is hopefully going to be a good game, especially since this is 343’s last chance at redemption. And it is coming out soon, so I thought now would be a good time to share my hopes and fears on the upcoming game.
A good story
We all want a good story in Halo Infinite, it is the main way that 343 can redeem itself. But what kind of story would we want? I honestly would like a story on how humanity would fight back against cortana and the banished. maybe, since the forerunner tech can be accessed by humans, they could use forerunner tech against cortana, humanity finally fully inheriting the mantle of responsibility. We would also need a way to deal with cortana once she is uncrowned. What would happen to her, surely there is no way she can redeem herself to humanity after all she killed thousands possibly millions, perhaps she should just die or master chief should hide her from the UNSC, possibly renaming her as a new ai.
Good gameplay
Halo infinite needs good gameplay, in the past halo games the gameplay was not that good, sprint delayed your firing and boost insta killed players. What would fix this is new gameplay. Boosts should be removed, and instead replaced with some kind of dash to evade enemy fire. I don’t think they should remove sprint, just fix it by no longer delaying firing during sprint.
Better forge
Halo 5’s forge was unfriggingbelivable, it gave us new abilities and new ways to customize our map, maybe in halo infinite the forge will be even better. Like we could have new ways to control players to make machinima movies. We could also use new vehicles in forge like pelicans or even scarabs.
Good customization
The halo infinite customization should be as good as halo reach was, there should be different variants for armors, like a gas mask or advanced optics. They should also allow us to change armor colors rather than have armor coatings that you need to unlock. We could also have new helmets and armors, maybe spartan armor that resembles covenant or forerunner architecture.
Prometheans may not have been the best enemy type in halo but I really hope they do return, rather than just remove them in general, 343 can improve them. There were also some old promethean concepts that never made it to halo 5, maybe these can make an appearance in halo infinite
The potential return of the didact
The didact has been the main antagonist in halo 4. And was going to be in Halo 5 until 343 just decided to kill him off by compsing him. However, the didicat may still be alive in the domain. What if the cortana we saw in halo 5 is really the digital didact and the real cortana is dead. Only time will tell

Being too much of a reboot
One of my biggest fears for halo infinite is that they that it will be too much of a reboot. My main fear is that they will just drop the story with the created. We all hate the story with the created, but they already started with that story, they can’t just turn back now.
Getting rid of things and characters we don’t like
We all hate characters like locke and palmer. But I fear that since locke was so hated, 343 is just going to make him die like an idiot. Locke had a lot of potential, that potential was never achieved in halo 5, and rather than just kill him, develop his character, make him someone we care about. But not palmer, she is a -Yoink-.
Bad graphics
When we first saw the halo infinite demo in July, we were not pleased with the graphics and lighting. But 343 has the chance to fix it, give the graphics a bit more detail. Make the cutscene graphics at least a bit better than halo 5.
Microtransactions might be my greatest fear for halo infinite. And since they announced the multiplayer of halo infinite will be free, I fear that it means infinite will entirely be pay to win. That will ruin halo forever if this happens. Someone from 343 announced that halo infinite will not be pay to win but this could be a lie. Please 343, learn from your mistakes in halo 5.
Armor coatings
Armor coatings was recently announced for halo infinite, and I had a small problem with it because I want to use the colors of my choice on skins, then again, it might not be too bad. Until there was a leak that you had to pay for it, this made many fans including me furious. However, I know something that they can do differently, rather than having colored armor coatings, we could have this thing I call “armor coating styles”: like for example, we can get an armor coating but we can only customize the colors of the coatings rather than have the coatings only have one style, that can not only fix armor coatings but change the halo customization system forever.