My Halo Xbox One Forge - Forge 3.0

Hi All,

As we all know, the Halo 4 Forge didn’t meet up to the expectations of the Forge fan standards of the Halo: Reach Forge. The upcoming title, Halo Xbox One, may be the chance for the Forgers of the world to gladly and happily build complicated and varied maps easily with the new capabilities of the Xbox One itself. I, myself, am not the best forger in the world, but certainly love venturing through user created maps and playing around not only with the Forge tool, but the Forge application!

Forge World 2.0

Let’s start with the basics, the map. What Halo: Reach gave to us was a universal huge forge map that provided users with varied space to play around in and have fun. What Halo 4 gave to us was 3 small varied Forge maps and 1 plain huge map. This, in theory, gives us more than what Forge world gave us, but over 4 maps.
What I want for the Halo Xbox One Forge World is a huge, massive, gigantic, enormous Forge map.

Let’s begin with an actual Forge World remake as a BASE. Now how about this… We incorporate all Forge maps from Halo 4 in the landscape of Forge World, like Ravine and Forge Island and maybe other famous Halo islands such as Death island and the location of the Silent Cartographer (They do look similar, but their different). I can definitely see how 343i could organize Erosion into this map, by easily putting that hole to the surface on one of the islands, right? But what about Impact, this could be a problem, but there are two possibilities.

  • Create the remake and put it high up from the Halo ring but still in reach OR

  • Create the remake but skin it with nature and life on the halo and maybe put a stream that separates both rocks with the floating rocks like stepping stones (recommended).

Now with all this various space, you would be thinking two things, this will be huge! And, this is not original at all. But, this is Forge World 2.0, this is the ultimate Forge world, we can let our imagination run free right? Well then, to keep it original AND nostalgic, how about with gather up the total volume of everything so far and double it, then fill it with a whole new area, all halo themed and free to forge around just like how we were feeling when roaming around the original Forge World for the first time.

This entire landscape should definitely please the Forging society and finally shut that community up on stupid land masses! Oh, and with some of the lore that may be affected such as both Ravine and Forge Island being on Requiem, and now being on halo, let’s just forget about that, now shall we?


In this section, I’ll suggest some ideas that may come in use to all Forgers to make forging easy for the community thus making it more of a challenge to create brilliant maps. Also, please no hate, just criticism. :slight_smile:

  • Favorites: This kind of acts like the favorite feature in Skyrim, where you can favorite a certain item and it will be in your list of most used items.

  • Grouping Feature: I’m sure you’ve heard of this, but if not, the ability to group allocated items together, therefore enabling the ability to create homemade structures, naming them, and turning them into actual items, which leads me to my next feature.

  • User Created Items: This is a list of items that the user itself has created through both the grouping ability and other features such as color; these can also be added to favorites.

  • Lighting Option: As forgers would know, the lighting feature is a good aspect to Halo 4 Forge, but completely annoying. So why not add an option to disable it while forging your map and add in lighting when testing the map.

  • Advanced Forging: This may not be a feature but more of a mode where users are able to terrain edit and a flat map and when done switch back to Basic Editing to add items.

  • MOAR VEHICLES: More vehicles to add more dynamic game play, and I really want this to be in real depth. There was a forum that I remember reading that really went into depth into all vehicles and balancing and all that but I can’t find it, sorry.

  • Civilian Vehicles: You know! Like the ultimate Forklift and much more like cars and train systems which leads to the next feature!

  • Train System: Do you remember that type of tram in the beginning of Halo 2? Well how about this… We can give people tours of our maps with customized tracks, but this is not only for trams but for trains, very fast trains like the scenery in nearly every DLC map!

  • Race Track Pieces: IF Halo Xbox One brings back Race, I’m hoping to get specific race pieces that will safe much time; this also must be greatly customized so that every course is different. Examples could be working loops, curves, spins, jumps etc…

  • Electric System: This will be similar to the redstone system in Minecraft but without the redstone, and just linking. Let’s say we have a button, this button can be turned on and off to activate and deactivate doors, gates, bridges, stairs, EXPLOSIVES etc…

  • Dynamic Weather: You know this one…

  • Time of Day: …And this one also.

  • Every Other Feature: Just the good features from both Halo: Reach and Halo 4 like magnets, locking, highlighting, zooming, fine editing etc…

With this all in mind, I hope you enjoyed reading this and please leave suggestions and discussions not hate. Thank You!