My Halo Wars avatar is gone :(

So I changed my avatar to see what it looks like. When I decided that I didn’t like it (Like a minute later) I went to change it back to the Halo Wars one that we got from ES on the Halo Wars forum before it shutdown, but it’s gone!

Is there a reason for this? I’ve looked through all the avatars and the Halo Wars one isn’t there.


Special avatars are your’s until you change them. You won’t be able to get it back. But I am sure that you can message bs angel and she can help you, maybe.

Oh really? I didn’t know that…

I might have to send a message then.

I saw you with that avatar earlier…
Hopefully you’ll get it back.
Didn’t she say that we could keep the halo wars avatar if we changed it but not the other ones?

Bam, said the lady.

> Bam, said the lady.


> > Bam, said the lady.
> Fixed!

I Actually thought of Castle when I first read that. Uh my Wife has got me hooked on that show…rotting my brain. LOL

Its gone children, Its gone.