My Halo Reach character is incorrect

I wanted a nice picture of my Halo Reach Spartan to use as a picture for stuff like Skype, Kik, ect., but when I got on my profile on Halo Waypoint, as my older brother had suggested, The Spartan that showed up was nothing like the one I had used, with the exception being the primary color. An example would be that it had an upgraded EOD helmet, whereas I have been using Grenadier for a long while now. I really don’t want to have to take a picture of my television which might be blurry or have a tremendous amount of glare.

One thing that might be relevant is that I once had Xbox Live Gold, but that was a long long long time ago, and I don’t know if it’s needed to update the appearance on Halo Waypoint or anything. (I don’t want to pay for Gold, and I don’t even have the money)

Sorry to say, but the Halo reach model no longer updates anymore. I remember reading 343 announced a date for your last reach model update.

:frowning: same problem…

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> :frowning: same problem…

As above, rendering of Reach Spartans has now been discontinued. This was done in August last year, the same point that custom challenges were also discontinued from the site