My halo infinite review. There are spoilers of the story here FYI. Sorry for the length

I am going to give a review of halo infinite. Sorry that this is long and I just wrote it before going to bed. Please tell me if you agree or disagree. We are all halo fans that want to improve the game and love the franchise. I just completed the main story campaign on legendary. I have completed all of the main campaign missions and so far 70% complete everything for a little context.

  1. I’ll start with the music because I’ve always loved the music of halo. Though halo 4 and 5 have great music, the scores were just not halo to me. The music is amazing in infinite! Can’t get enough of it. Many call backs to previous Bungie halos, including reach and odst. One thing is I wish it was more diverse in the campaign. They kept playing the same scores as you explore the ring and in the main missions had similiar styles of music. I was hoping to hear some more of the other scores in the OST and some classics were definately missing. So far I have not heard “through the trees” after playing 22 hours of the game. Otherwise beautiful.

  2. In terms of the main missions, they had some nice highs and very low lows…the lack of diverse campaign missions was annoying. For example the only epic vehicle battle was on “the road” with the tank run. The only settings were either forerunner building/spire, banished building or outside in the same setting. Most of the main missions were in forerunner structures in CQC. The lack of snow, desert etc disappointed me. I believe they want to add dynamic weather and hopefully open up more parts of the ring with dlc, which would be nice. I also understand that this was more to be like halo CE so they don’t want to show all of their cards. Otherwise the story was way better than halo 5 and the missions were fun.

I was hoping to get some hints to ancient humanity and the palace of pain on Zeta Halo. Maybe as a side reference that were not within the main story.

Otherwise the gameplay was very fun and the weapon diversity fits campaign. The lore of the forerunner weapons and the power they have are spot on. For example the sentinal beam is the best one yet out of any halo. Wish there was a bit of blood though lol.

As for the boss fights. I enjoyed a few boss fights until there were too many and I would just stop playing because I would die so much. I would go back once I was not so frustrated. I like boss fights but there were just way too many of them. I think they need to tone the amount of bosses down.

  1. Open world missions seemed fun. I enjoyed rescuing marines. It felt like the level “halo” from CE but at a grand scale which I loved. I found the encounters different and fun when you could select vehicles and different weapons from fobs as promised. I wish we could repeat these missions once we unlock all of the vehicles, guns and armor core upgrades. That way I can approach each setting differently. The open world aspect is fun and replayable.

  2. The gunplay is a amazing along with the armor cores/abilities. I find you need to use all of them to be successful on legendary making you wish you upgraded them a little more.

  3. On to the story. I would have given the campaign story a 7 or 8/10 but after getting many audio logs, and the legendary ending I was intrigued. So I give it an 8.5/10. The endless to me sound cool and I’m curious about them. I’m on the side that they are precursor in origin or also created by the precursors. What really got me going is when the harbinger was saying a lot of things the gravemind had said. I don’t know if it’s intensional but her species being called the endless hinted to the precursors and the primordial who is also called the “timeless one”. The fact she makes a human go crazy reminds me of the forerunner trilogy story by Greg Bear.

As for Cortana, I think it’s the best they could do to make a terrible story set by halo 5 into a decent one. Her sacrifice was for no reason, well maybe she delayed the inevitable. Her sign off was good and sad but I really had no feeling for her. She did destroy a whole planet after all. I was hoping to find out Cortana was infected with the logic plague or something to justify what she had done. Her sorry at the end just doesn’t cut it for me. She killed millions if not billions of humans and also brutes by destroying their planet. No sorry is going to fix that. I’m sad that Cortana will always have what she has done in her history.

The harbinger was okay from a character development standpoint. Their motives to hate humanity just seems like they look at humans as the forerunners “child of my enemy why have you come? I offer no forgiveness. A father’s sins passed to his son”. I just find 343 rushes their stories going into the final missions…

I have nothing to say about the banished. Escherum and the Spartan killers. I just love them. 10/10 for the banished.

John 117 was great. He didn’t talk much but spoke when he should have. His humanity did show up sort of like halo 4 but more subtle. I like how he was portrayed.

I liked echo 216. Nothing to say here. He had a good back story, he was funny and human.

Last but not least, The weapon. The weapon is cute, funny, smart but naive. I like her. Jen Taylor did an awesome job. Wish she took the name Kalmiya though. She kinda implies her new name is now Cortana which I hope isn’t the case. I guess this sort of deletes the evil Cortana story and starts anew.

All in all, I’m excited to see what’s next.

  1. Replayability. As mentioned I find the game very replayable if we could select missions. I don’t like that I never knew the last 5 missions or so would be linear, not allowing me to unlock a wasp to try and wreck Havok. I wish there was a skull or that the campaign would allow you to do the side missions over again with all vehicles once you beat everything…with that option starting a new campaign. Maybe a way to reset all fobs and strongholds to take over with your new arsenal. I want campaign more customizable in that regard.

  2. The enemies are unique…the AI is amazing in comparison to halo 4 and 5 and the art style is phenomenal. The classic halo look is definately refreshing. The brutes are “brute” and the elites are “elite”. Love it. Making the brutes a blend of halo 2, 3 and reach was nice. They are powerful too. The elite ultras and gold elites are nice to see. They all have a role as enemies. Bringing back skirmishers was really cool. They are still annoying but cool.
    The skimmers are way better than the stupid annoying buggers but still annoying which is not a bad thing. Wish they called them flying octopus monkeys though

I like how the AI reacts to you. They tumble when you shoot their legs and soon of you shoot their arms. The fact their armor pieces fly off is very cool. All of the enemies have unique characteristics.

That’s all I can’t think of so far. Nonetheless way better than halo 5 and deserves the title of halo. Obviously can improve, which I think 343 can do. No halo was perfect. They all have their fair share of angry fans and disliked elements. I feel this halo could be truly “endless”, pardon the pun, just like Bungie’s halo (except reach. I disliked it…dont hate). Been here for 20 years and planning on staying. Thanks 343