(My) Halo Collection Video

Hey ladies and gents, here’s a YouTube link to the video I took of my Halo collection (mostly figures) prior to “giving” most of it to my younger bro.

Video of my Halo Collection

Here’s a quick look at it via photograph.
Photo of my Halo collection

I titled this with “(My)” at the beginning because I have no doubt that there are other great Halo collections out there - perhaps much more substantial than mine. If it has not already occurred, this could become a collective thread of Halo collections from many fans. It’s not hard to YouTube search some good ones (you may have even already seen mine), but nowhere is it more appropriate than here.

Back story for those interested in it’s progression:
Being a father and fan I was quite torn to make the sacrifice but growing young ones (that would threaten the delicate balance of frozen time within the corner) and a wife’s happiness took priority over the physical collection. At least I took the videos and pictures to remember it fondly. All is not lost since it still resides within the family and at the helm of another hard core gamer. My only regret is that I broke up the collection prior to my acquisition of the Noble Team statue from the Reach Leg Ed and then using a newer camera with HD video.


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Thats pretty neat! <3 I think there is a collectors page on Facebook you can join. :slight_smile:

I got a collection going on as well. Check it out.

PS: I am still looking for one of the Halo 2 action figures. I dont collect a lot of them but there are some i really want to get.

That is a very thorough and especially unique collection you have there thanks to your participation in the events and such. It sure would have been nice to attend some (if not just one) of those but I never made the leap.
I agree with your value of the 1/6 posters and the VIP access badge. I must say that the MC Bubble Shield statue is probably my favorite of your figures; I think the same way of my Kobayashi.

holy crop farmers!

I practically have a collection just like that, except for the green scout, the right blue spartan on top of the speakers,
and a few other figures. But I must say, I do admire that collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Thnx 4 the comments! The events are worth going to IMO…:smiley:

Holoe, are you my brother!? Having kept the blue Spartan and if you broke/lost some of them… it could explain the similarity. ; )

Seriously though, get a vid up so we can scope your goods.

Thx for the admiration - just a little money and searching… still regret not grabbing the white MC with sniper from my local comic shop.