My Halo achievement rank?

Hey I need help! On my waypoint career page it has my halo achievement count at 0/467(?) but that’s total BS I have over half of them completed… Did I just get reset for no reason???

I just unlocked the “Nowhere to Hide” achievement on my WIndows Phone, and went to look it up on halo waypoint because I’m a loser and have nothing better to do, and it just show 0/461 achievements, but on my windows phone my xbox profile shows all of my halo achievements…

C’mon mods can any of you guys help me?

Not sure what you want moderators to do. Moderators are just volunteers who monitor the forums and are not employees of 343. They cannot fix any problems that occur on the Waypoint website or Xbox 360 app.

in all likeliness, its probably just a Halo Waypoint glitch and will not affect your achievements on Xbox Live or your gamertag in any way. Once the website glitch is fixed your achievements will show on Waypoint.

This commonly happens temporarily, settle down it will be fixed soon.

Having just checked today, I’m happy to announce that this issue appears to be resolved. If you could verify this, it would be much appreciated. :wink: