My Halo 6 Ideas

Hey there, so I really wanted to share some of my ideas for Halo 6. Lets get started.

So I would like to have Halo 6 with the Halo 5 Beta type of game. Please no Glow-in-the-dark Spartan IV’s, so it looks cool and REALISTIC. Also the hud for Halo 5’s Beta was Awesome, and me and others loved the detail. The sounds for weapons, and abilities, and most of all the shields where pretty cool. I and my friends LOVED the UI for Halo 5’s beta and also liked the armor’s look in it, it looked more real and instead of a toy soldier of the final Halo 5. The fast-paced gameplay with the beta would be great for a playlist in Halo 6, and overall, for the Beta it was great. Just of course get rid of bugs and glitches, and put it in Halo 6.

The next thing would be cool to have would be a social space. Think about going to the war games or going to the command deck of infinity, and just walking around. You could meet new people and make friends! And lets say you could watch Area matches in third person, with real people on a deck in the war games area. It would be awesome. You could also add terminals to add lore to the game, and to learn about certain characters.

Another cool idea is a slow-paced Halo 3 type of gamemode for Halo 6. If you could have that you could make the old-school players happy. It could start with the MA5C, and the Halo: CE magnum. You could have some remade maps from the old games and weapons too. The old gamemodes can come back too. Juggernaut, K.O.T.H., Oddball, and more. And lets try to have it on release?

One more thing- Classic Halo armor? Halo 3 can I haz Reconz?

These are just my ideas. What are your’s?

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