My Halo 5 Wishlist

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to write down some ideas I have for the sequel of Halo, so I figure I’ll take the time and opportunity to do so now. I hope those who choose to read this find it cool and worth thinking about, but for those who do not, cool beans.

  1. I’ll start out with number one, the title. Rather than calling this new game “Halo 5”, I think, “Halo: Combat Re-Evolved” would be cooler.

  2. I want 3/6 of our current forerunner weapons to be scrapped and replaced. The ones worth keeping are the boltshot (but I want the charge-up to be a 5 shot burst), Pulse Grenade and Incineration cannon, but to replace the other three slots, I want the Molten Rifle (As described by Darkrain[sorry if I butchered your name]), and some not cheap replacement to the Binary Rifle. (I mean it’s just a sniper reskin with a laser pointer and more damage.)

  3. I want the Magnum to be powerful again, enough with this sidearm nonsense. It’s an Arena shooter, and it’s sandbox should reflect that. I’ve mentioned this in other threads, but it should be a 4sk with a comparable RoF to Halo 3, and have a 2x scope with an 8-round magazine. Make it sound like the .50 caliberSAP-HE magnum it is as well. Also I want to see something akin to Ghost of Ma1ne’s needle pistol that’s been tossed around these forums forever.

  4. Keep the DMR. I know I’ll receive hate for this, but until I receive a different UNSC semi-auto precision weapon, the DMR will forever be my favourite.

  5. Have thruster pack as a default ability for every player, and make it a single-use with a 15 second recharge.

  6. Ditch the concept armor abilities, but keep the abilities themselves, (namely JP, AL, Holo, and DS),as equipment pickups to be thrown into customs that we love. Also, make new equipment to complement the four pieces above.

  7. Gore. This is a big controversy, but I believe it can fit. Nothing drastic, and mainly restricted to assassinations. For instance when assassinated by a sword one may be decapitated, disarmed, or if they are hammered, they may have a depression in their back, or have a gouge like (Romeo’s wound in ODST) assuming the blade on the back used. Things like getting caught in a grenade blast and losing a hand, or getting shot and having bullet holes in the visor or armor is enough outside of assassinations.

  8. New vehicles. No Forerunner vehicles please, because it would break the image that’s been set for them by the Forerunner trilogy, but some new UNSC vehicles (and returning old ones) are always welcome along with some good ol’ purple love machines too.

  9. Deeper Spartan aesthetic customization. Create-a-Face, option of whether or not to wear a helmet, add the knee guards, wrist, and helmet attachment options in as well.

  10. More skulls, and make them so they need to be hunted for again. This feature added so much more replay value to campaigns that had them. Going through them with friends (and family in my case) searching for them provides great moments.

  11. Bring back every old gametype in the franchise, so as that no fan is left behind, and amazing customs can return without having to be at the mercy of a gametype’s flexibility. (Like using KoTH for race, when race could just exist and solve all problems.)

  12. ELO or 1-50 skill system combined with either a cR or EXP-based rank system for enjoyment of both spectrums of Halo. (Social and Ranked).

  13. Make sure that sprint does not return. (I’d rather not argue why, as that has already been done to death, and I’m not going to repeat lengthy arguments at night.)

  14. Increase max player count to only 32, and modify Invasion accordingly. Keep smaller playlists such as 4v4’s the main focus of Halo, but allow 16v16 matches for ultimate big team engagements and forge wars.

  15. Finally, to make sure this game launches in 2015 to make sure I get an H2A first.