My halo 5 review

Here is my review for Halo 5 : Guardians
It was very weird to be a part of a squad on a halo game, but it is actually pretty cool… Until you realize that even in 2015, there is no such thing as “intelligent” ally AI. I beat the campaign solo, on legendary in spite of their horrible logic. Would rarely help kill enemies, and would drop everything to revive you. (not getting into cover and oftentimes going down themselves) literally useless. Often I would call them to revive me, and they would just stop mere feet away and not attempt to revive. The story was pretty compelling (if not confusing) and for a focus on “co-op” I don’t see anything reasoning lack of slip screen. They said it was to enhance the experience but I don’t see it. I was also very surprised (and I admit upset) that solo legendary completion or collecting all the skulls didn’t result in any kind of reward like req packs or special armor. Also, the 12 - 3 mission split with Osiris and blue team (seriously, this is chief’s story and not Locke’s) was kind of strange to me. Also, not using terminals and replacing it with Intel is kind of dumb
Campaign I will give a 8/10
I love the flow of this game. It feels like an old school halo, where armor abilities do not exist so there is an even playing field and map control and power weapon locations are actually important again. I dislike that you cannot split screen like you always could because to play couch co-op with a buddy online was always what made the experience better. The lack of map voting or at least vetoing is very disappointing but overall, this is the truest halo experience since halo 3. My only gripe with actual gameplay is that there isn’t a single team slayer map that allows vehicles, which has to me always been a wildcard to matches. I love the dedicated servers.
Multiplayer 9.5/10
Overall Pros:
Due to the beautiful visuals, great (kinda weird) storyline, sound, and overall experience… This game is definitely worth it.
The multiplayer is for the most part very balanced. The squad gameplay is actually a very cool dynamic.

Overall Cons:
AI is atrocious. Completing the game on legendary is even harder due to incompetence.
No split screen. None. Not even for online multiplayer. Horrible move there, 343i.
Intel?! Gamers (especially achievement hunters) get annoyed by these.
No real in game rewards for campaign accomplishments. Even halo 3 gave armor for certain achievements and skull collecting.
Overall Grade: 8.5 / 10

Very nice, I agree with most of these points. I must say though I really enjoy the campaign Intel. Gives me something extra to do and I like listening to most of them.

Thanks! My only point about the Intel is that they are annoying to find when achievements are attached to them, and I loved the way terminals mapped things out. A lot of my friends seem to hate this game, but to me it stays very true to what halo used to be (sans chief being mostly absent… Even arbiter/chief missions were mostly in favor of the chief) I am ecstatic that a halo games’ multiplayer can keep me interested for more than a week again, that hasn’t happened since halo 3.

Actually a pretty decent and fair review for this game. My hat goes off to you sir.