This is my feedback to 343 after playing hours of it, and trying all the maps and game modes.

  1. Weapons.
    Love love love the fact that theres very little auto aim, gives more skill to players.
    The assault rifle is WAY too overpowered when you smart scope. It kills medium range, and weakens long range. When people are weak across the map the assault rifle kills them. I suggest a nerf.
    SMG is also too over powered when scoped in. I like the damage it produces close range, but a little nerfing would not hurt.
    DMR is still too dominant
    BR I LOVE IT. Last time I liked using the BR was halo 3. Good times.
    Rocket launcher, does what its supposed to, however I hate the design.
    Regular energy sword, does what its supposed to, although I prefer the OG halo 2, 3 lunge animation.
    Prophets bane, I do not like the fact that you run faster with it, and players can abuse the extra lunge if you press the scope button. Which is way too overpowered. And with sprint and thruster it becomes too over powered. But I’ll get to abilities later.
    Hydra, way too over powered once you learn how to use it. I suggest nerfing.
    Sniper, as a casual player, its fun to snipe. But when I think about competitive and montage makers (both of which I love), I would suggest making it harder to sniper, similar to halo 3. And I do not like the smart scope animation on the sniper, at all.
    Light rifle, I did not get to use it much, but its alright I guess, the rate of fire slows down when you zoom in which makes sense.
    Pistol, I personally love it. But since I heard that flinch would be removed (THANK GOD), would it make the pistol crazy over powered? Just a thought.

  2. Maps
    Truth - I like it, but the top mid to bottom mid hole feels unnecessary
    Empire - My favourite from the beta, can’t think of anything that should change, great new addition
    Regret - I do not like it for team slayer, but its kinda alright for strongholds, and I think would be good for FFA
    Eden - I hate this map. IMO its unbalanced, boring to play, and looks awful.
    Pegassus - I like it, its fun for casual team slayer
    Orion - Do not like it, the flow of gameplays just not there, and it is too easy to get away.
    Trench and Cross fire - I cannot really critisize these cause its on a new game mode, but it was fun. Maybe more objective gamemodes on break out on these modes could be tested?

  3. Abilities.
    Here we go, I have played every halo game. Halo 3 being my favourite. I have read all the hate, and I have heard the voices of the supporters.
    I like the abilites, change is good when done well. But there are major issues I have.
    Ground pound - It is a ton of fun, but I believe there must be more penalty IF YOU MISS the target. I believe players should have half their shields taken off if they miss. It would bring about a great balance.
    Clamber - Nothing against it, yes it takes away skill jumps, but the maps are designed well to complement clambering, so im good.
    Spartan charge - I hope theres a toggle for this, cause I do not think players should be rewarded for kills by spartan charge.
    Thruster pack - Ton of fun, but I would recommend the same mechanic as sprint, where if you thrust when your shields are low, it resets the timer for your shields to come back.
    Smart scope - I do not mind it, but the scopes need to be changed, the sniper theres time taken to scope in, the DMR and BR scopes look ugly. And the AR and SMG should not be that overpowered when scoped in.
    Stabilizers - I like the fact that its toggle, and I firmly believe it should be off for competitive play. FAIR STARTS REMEMBER. It can be abused to check positions and get kills that should not be gotten in certain angles. I am all for it for online playlists. But competitive it should be turned off.
    Sprint - Let me start by saying, I get what 343 is trying to do with playing with movement. Yes sprint does not belong in halo, but I get it, it allows people to get around faster, and into battles faster. BUT it also allows players to get out of situations where they would normally get killed. yes the new shield recharge mechanic is good, but smart players still can learn what to do to get out of stupid situations THEY put themselves in. I was watching old halo 3 and reach MLG tournament gameplay. And I saw the drastic change when there was sprint in reach, and when there wasnt. When the change was made, players played smarter, got punished for stupid plays. I’ll be honest at first I was like what the hell is the fuss all about, but after putting much thought into it, reading forums, listening to opinions, I stand by the side of no sprint. Imagine it with just thruster packs? It would be a ton of fun. HOWEVER, if sprint is going to be in the game, this shield recharge penalty is good, AND I recommend the halo mechanic where when a player gets shot while sprinting, he slows down. It needs both penalties IN MY OPINION.

  4. Game modes
    Team slayer - Nothing much to say here, bread and butter halo.
    Strongholds - I like it, something new, that WORKS (Unlike gametypes like ricochet). It gives players a reason to push and stay alive and play smart, the come backs are sometimes insane
    Breakout - I like it, some objective game modes would be cool too, I would suggest testing with pros.

  5. Other
    Bring back the old medal designs please. The old mutlikill designs from halo 3. I loved them. The halo 4 multikill designs are so dark and boring. I like the new medals though, the perfect kill medal is honestly perfect. But some times I find there to be too many medal announcements. Example when I get a hatrick, reversal, perfect, last shot, jeez it gets crazy. But all in all I like the new medals, but bring back old designs!
    Bring back the halo 3 match making style where it shows “PLAYERS FOUND” until the map voting and loading is done, then theres no way to back out. When the names are shown, people back out by either quitting the game, or by using the party leave match making glitch.
    Veto system, or voting, or no choice system for map selection, I dont mind either one, but I prefer the veto system from halo 3.
    Spectator mode needs major improvements, I feel like using the theatre similar system is stupid, create something new from the ground up, to select players easily. Look at call of duty black ops 2, and AW spectator mode. A mini map would be cool too showing where everyone is. ALSO an oracle mode like COD, where the spectators can see players through walls, with red players having a red outline and blue having a blue outline! That would be sick
    I like that you can see whose online with a click of a button similar to reach and halo 4, I would like to see it being more fluid and easy to use.

So yeah this is my detailed feedback. Love halo, and I love what 343 is doing with the HCS, hopefully this has been helpful guys. Heres hoping for a great and working halo :slight_smile: