my halo 5 beta thoughs.

i been playing the beta since the start. and so far i enjoy the game play very balanced despite a few noticeable issues.
the sounds are great as for the lighting and visuals of the levels. the spawning is fair i have not have any noticeable spawn kills but there are a few changes i would like to happen because playing halo games since the first one some things in h5 seem out of place.

  • the length of time it takes to throw a grenade is very noticeable it kinda throws me off a bit. its too long from button press to release- the menu ui for match making is terrible its hard to invite friends to matches it doesn’t show visuals of the map your playing on. the match making playerlist while you wait is so generic looking its sad. i loved halo 3 and halo reaches set up.- armor customization seems to be backtracking. halo reach had options to alter mostly anything about your armor i loved it it kept me playing it.- the armor itself seem bit off like cartoon like in a way. feel it needs more texture or details.i did enjoy it though sprint feels good. sliding is interesting. i do enjoy the 2 levels and the amount of details that bring the maps to life. i hope there is at least another beta closer to launch to see changes and updated gameplay.