My Halo 5 Beta impressions

Game plays like halo but I want to list some potential improvements

  1. remove smart scope and replace it with the classic scope from previous games

  2. nerf the SMG way too powerful

3.bring back elites as playable characters in halo 5 multiplayer

4.for the full game bring back Firefight exactly like in Reach with the customization and make maps in Forge to be used for Firefight or make another Spartan ops series but make every mission a brand new area and not like the first season from halo 4

  1. remove the ground pound and bring back Gandhi jumping

6 place powerups on maps like camo and overshield

  1. Forge improve on it by giving us more improvements and tools to play with to make maps one feature I have always wanted is bring inclement weather for the first time ever to Forge

  2. make another Forge world instead of 3 little ones like with 4 and halo 2 anniversary

  3. make the weapon designs like on the BR and DMR and other ones similar or exact same ones from previous games

  4. Remove flinching it should be based on who shoots better not who shoots first

  5. Make the control scheme like previous games like the recon control scheme thank you for putting that in the beta

  6. lower the glare on the prophet’s bane so bright its really hard to see sometimes

  7. the menu is too dark in the Spartan hub make it brighter like in previous games

  8. for armor customization bring back armor effects from reach those were awesome

Overall I like how the beta is going so far keep up the good work 343i and

sorry about leaving it at and I meant to add to it and don’t screw up halo like you did with halo 4