my halo 4...

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Well guys Id have to say my lead up to Halo 4 is getting less and less each day. To start the game company where i preordered my copy only put me down for the basic copy when I told them I wanted the limited edition , So I had to cancel my order there. Next I call best buy and they said yes we have copies left, get there sold out. Amazon sold out. 343 Why would you do this to a loving fan?

Why would you make it so you cant pre order a copy of the game because Im surely not going to buy the basic edition it is really pointless in the long run and will just cost us more money in the long run.

Second reason are theses little -Yoink- trying to post spoilers every hour and mods arent doing their job well enough. Not to mention MS for allowing people to have this game early. OFCOURSE PEOPLE ARE GONNA POST YOUR GAME EARLY, wtf did you think was going to happen???

So 343 please allow the limited edition to have copies of the game shipped out like tomorrow!! or Im prolly not getting it :frowning: