My Halo 4 Verdict

Great Gameplay

Terrible matchmaking

Mumm Ra II verdict

Great Name

Terrible opinions

im having the worst matchmaking experience/lag since mw2…

Give the servers time to adjust to the influx of players.

Don’t jump the gun and assume a full matchmaking is terrible because of some lag.

Not had much of an issue with lag. Getting put into a match that’s already nearing the end or the team I’m put on is getting hammered is really getting irritating now though.

> im having the worst matchmaking experience/lag since mw2…

I have had issues with matchmaking about finding games, but I have never lagged though

> Great Gameplay
> Terrible matchmaking

i agree. The lag compensation is killing me.
I didnt play reach so maybe they did it this way… but on halo 3 the matchmaking was decided by whomever had the Fastest internet… Halo 4… it looks at who has the fastest, and the slowest… then it picks the person in the middle of the two… … making faster connections throttle down to the a slower one… just so slower connections play a little better…
So its pointeless for me to pay $100 a month for my 100mbps connection… when its going to the throttled down to a 10/mbps host. YAY!
*edit i am not saying i want to be host…
Taking all of that in ^^ that plus the ridiculous huge hitboxes causes all those kilss where the players arent even aiming at you when watching theater/killcam.
//end of network rant//

on the topic of matcmaking being terrible, playlists… no doubles… no slayer FFA… (dont even get me started on regicide or w/e it is) no swat, team snipes etc.