My Halo 4 Spartan Reset?!

I got on Halo 4 today and oddly enough my Spartan color and armor was reset and I no longer have access to my “prime” emblems or skins. What happened? Is there any way i can get it back?

Did you acces this in infinity or at the first start up menu? And did you do it through hitting play now on waypoint?

When I entered Infinity everything about my spartan was reset, except for rank. Loadouts, color, armor, everything. It seems to have just been a server malfunction because I got everything back when I exited to dashboard and entered War games again, although I had to recreate my spartan and all my loadouts all over again.

I had the same issue. I got online and all my settings reset, including controls, Loadouts, my Spartan and my Spartan ID. My rank remained, so I was able to rebuild my character and Loadouts, but the 50ish games of Double XP I still had were erased.