My Halo 4 is having a meltdown

Ever since Sunday my Halo 4 has been acting super screwy. I tried loading up a Forge map and all the words where scrambled up or missing (No BS) and I kept getting "Players failed to load content, even in Campaign. After wiping my disk thoroughly it worked fine…until after a couple games of Matchmaking, where the words and gamertags on screen where all scrambled (Which admittedly led to some pretty hilarious messed up names). I go back to the main menu and LITERALLY all the text is gone:

I’m kind of worried that it might be a data corruption issue, but I’ve been doing some Google searching and the “failed to load content” thing being a disk scratch seems like a possible candidate. However my disk is perfectly fine.and now Halo Reach is doing the “failed to load content” thing.

So is this a data problem as I fear or is it something as simple as needing a new copy of the game?

There’s three possible issues that are causing this problem.

#1: The disk is badly damaged, and the data is unreadable.

#2: The install is corrupted, and you need to reinstall.

#3: This one isn’t said lightly, but your Xbox’s reader might be broken, and you’ll have to have it repaired.

I suspect the issue is with #3, and the only reason I say is because of how Halo: Reach is also having issues. I would test this with other games, and if the conclusion is indeed that it’s the disc drive you have to have it fixed; Or you’ll have to buy a new Xbox. I’m so sorry.

Thought I’d drop back in and report that the problem has been solved. It turns out my disk reader lens was just dirty. After I took my Xbox apart and cleaned the lens off, my games have been working ever since.