My Halo 4 Ideas (Please tell me what you think)

It would be super cool is Halo 4 had combat training like Black Ops
Just like online machmaking it would be so fun training on computers getting your br-sniper skill better.

Look at Black Ops they have combat traing, zombies, create your own emblem
and what does Halo Reah have only Firefight.
I know Bungie stoped putting love into Halo games after Halo 2, I just hope 343 would be much better.

You should make it harder to level up in Reach and make it fun
not take a long time to level up, but like Halo 2
it was very addicting and hard to get a level 50.

The halo Reach ranking system is not addicting at all I played it for a month straight and it got boaring, I hardly touch it any more.
And the Halo 3 ranking system is way to easy I got a 50 in every playlist.
I think Halo 2 is just right I never gotten a 50 the highest skill i got was a 45.

And I think 343 should bring back halo 2 clan system so you can pick whos overloard, staff, peon
that was really fun.

thanks for reading, tell me what you think.