My Halo: 4 Has Reset Itself Twice!

Just today I went on Halo: 4 and everything reset again! This had happened before in late November; the day I completed the campaign on legendary. My campaign progress is lost and I have to re-do my Spartan again with the Infinity introduction showing again! Please 343i tell me how to stop this or fix it. This ruins my experience when I have to play the campaign over and over again!

Also, notify me if this is a common threat

hdd issue?

More information: This has never happened to any of my friends; only me.

It’s trying to commit suicide.

Extra more information: I have had no problems with my hard drive; ever. only with this.

Sounds like profile data corruption. This has been known to occasionally occur in Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

Xbox LIVE keeps an online backup of your profile. If you find that this bug has affected you, you may be able to recover an old (pre-data-loss) backup. IIRC you do this by deleting and then re-downloading your profile data. I haven’t had to do this, though, so I can’t confirm that it works; attempt it at your own risk.