My H5G Theory

So we’ve all seen the 2 Live action trailers. The one with with Chiefs and Lockes perspective, and alot of people have noticed some inconsistencies, like Chief not showing up on Lockes Radar, and Locke’s HUD showing a BR rather than a DMR he was holding. What if Lockes trailer is what he reported back to ONI, which would explain the BR showing in the HUD since he dropped his DMR and forgot later on what weapomn he was wielding,l so he just said he had a BR., rather than the DMR he actually had, and why Chief wasn’t on radar, because Locke reported him KIA when he arrived. And from Chiefs perspective, why Locke shows as a friendly, because Locke lied about what happened on that day, making Chief trust him as an ally and friend.

Yeah, I’ve seen that theory around. I could see it being plausible.

Makes sense, and has evidence in favour. The br thing I reckon was just a mistake during production, but everything else I agree with fully.