My H5 Matchmaking update - Carnage Simulator

So far as I see Halo’s matchmaking is missing a few things. Things that would drastically make the game better. My personal matchmaking update for Halo 5 is based on the fabled legendary Power of the XB1.

Alot of text below, so I won’t blame you if you don’t read all of it or dismay the thread.

Carnage Simulator
warning name may be an exaggeration

Step one of the Carnage Simulator is wide open Infinity. Now this isn’t something that everyone will like of course so going into the Infinty would be a choice. When you are on the Main Menu you will have What Halo 4 has.

Start/ Resume Campaign




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but the difference is when you select Infinity you get a pop-up asking if you want to board the ship. As your Spartan or Elite you will be able to freely move around the UNSC’s behemoth. Interacting with the crew, going out to the different decks. For Those who have played MMO’s the Infinity would be like your safe heaven just to relax and move around sort of like a social area, of course you can invite some friends over to the ship, watch some RvB, Girfball Tournaments, Spartan Ops Episodes, The New Halo TV Show and theater clips you can even talk to some of the Legendary people aboard the Ship. Along with accessing the Armory for all you Spartan/Elite gear

Next is personel Forge World. With this players would be able to check out guns a vehicles. Vechilces and weapons like things we never got a chance to really control or play with, just blew up or only heard of in lore. Of course these will not be in the MP,just side fun. Along with that players will be able to test these with their own simulated map. With the choice of

(List anything below that I missed)

or even a combo of any 3 making a multi-situation field which players can save to their own Personnel Forge World.

Let me give an example-

The map has a grid similar to Halo’s Forge, this grid has places where which ever one of the simulated features you choose it made and everytime you make a new area it is randomly generated in region you select. Doing Combos of something like a Forerunner/Snow/plain would make a metallic snowy forest and another combo would be Destroyed/Desert/City and you will get a ravaged city in the desert, mix them up to see what you get.

Another improvement is an AI. Like in somewhat like in Reach you get credits but don’t assume that it is the same ranking system. Spartans and Elites get rewarded credits based on how they do in the game in the New system Medals for Cash(down’t get the two mixed up) All the medals players get in a game will reward them with credits that will allow them to buy no gameplay altering equipment such as looks for their AI and themselves along with weapon skins. When i say weapon skins i really mean weapon skins like making your plasma pistol a a rock or your Gravity Hammer Sauron’s Mace.

Your AI buddy will also be able to get upgrades to everything that they are, like their personality. AI will guide you throughout the game giving you tips and in combat banter, such as keeping you updated with your teams score and yours basically being your own personal announcer. IF you wish and have enough credits you can even get your a harsh attitude, the AI would make fun of you if you miss shoots or if you get killed while holding the flag inches away from scoring or a positive cowboy AI that tries to keep your spirit up. As you level up so will your AI to the point when you can project them as your visor.

I also can’t forget large numbers of emblems, colors and armors. This time if players get enough credits we can make our own designs on our armor. Each inch of paint we put on our armor would cost about 5,000 credits ( this is an expensive piece of hardware) With this it truly makes your armor your armor and if you see someone with armor skin that you know is negative please send out a report which is the segue way into our next section.

Rewarding loyalty, if a player sees a hacker in the game you can send such video straight to the Halo Peace Disruption Department here on the waypoint. In the Peace Disruption Department or the HPDD before sending the report players will be asked to record the moment of cheating or moment of insult used in where it shall be determined by the people of the forum as just or unjust.

When the final verdict is made all of those who took place in the “Trail” and the person who sent the video will all be rewarded a large sum of credits along with a special armor called The Judge after being on the winning end of 100 trails. After the trail is done the big Men and/or Women who control the Ban Hammer will do their part.

Now we are at the Joining Games and Pre/Post Game Lobby section. This is how the pre game lobby works I the Carnage Simulator. When players go into multiplayer they go into what i call The System, in The System Players pick exactly what they want to do and who they want to be while doing it. Players will choose what they want to play, the map, weapons that spawn, and what they want to be. What i mean by what you want to be isn’t limited to Spartan one group of Spartans i am talking about having all 3 different power armored super soldiers and our big mandibled friends.

While in The System (a personal made matchmaking) Players will get to choose if they want to be Spartan II’s III’s IV"s or Elites. Each will play differently and have their own special play style. So how this goes is purely voting. Example

-Player Joins The System
-Selects Assault
-12 vs 12
-UNSC Single weapon at start
-Forerunner Weapon Spawns
-Random Grenades
-Covenant Vehicles
-Spartan III
-Game starts to Game End
-Likes the System
-Saves settings
now any other players in this game of Sandtrap Assault who voted as the same things as this person will be placed in a game with players starting with a single UNSC Starter Weapon which are either the AR or BR, with Forerunner weapons spawning in the game, random grenades, Covenant vehicles( if the map can’t support vehicles it will give them Covenant Turrets) Spartan III’s aka players have no shields and instead of having AA’s they will use equipment. The player also saved the settings so instead of going into standard MP they can go into the System, pick their saved files and jump right into their own Mp with people just let them.In the System you can also have friends with you and join ranked games to your liking.
The Ranking System will be simple. 1-50 and the for the people who want to get all the commendations. When players who have reached 50, are doing their comms and can’t rank up…well you get brand new 50 Plus commendations. These 50 Plus comms will have 50 occupied for months giving them challenges that will make or break them 50 challenges complete them all to get to 100 and be the best you can be