My h4 wishlist

1-50 ranking system - give people something to play for, also going +40 on xxsneakysniper98xx is incredibly boring.

Improved service record - add win streak record, win percentage, KD etc…

No bloom - Really doesn’t need a reason, bloom is just awful

Make it competitve out of the box - Competitve settings are too distant from the default settings to pull any kind of large number of players to the competitive side of the game.

Developer support to rival Blizzard (Starcraft) - Regular patches/fixes to avoid any exploits surviving for a significant length of time.

Dedicated Servers - Online can be suicidal at times when playing Australians/South Americans etc…

Remove pointless medals - Reload this etc…

IF AAs are included make them completely movement related - No armour lock, camo, hologram. Only Sprint, Evade, Jetpack and more new ones although I WOULD RATHER HAVE NO AA’S WHATSOEVER.

Improve on the voting system - Make it random which gametype is played if there are even votes and not just the highest on the list. If none of the above is selected provide a complete new set of maps.

More small arena style maps - maps like hemorrhage are far too big for 4v4 + faster paced games are generally more exciting for everyone.

Fix the matchmaking options - Prefer good connection generally doesn’t work, add a prefer close to my location option.

Far more customisable options - Changing rate of fire, bullets in clip, grenade blast radius etc.

Focus on Multiplayer over the Campaign - The majority of playtime will come from Multiplayer not campaign so why build maps etc from the campaign?

For custom games add old weapons - E.g. Halo: CE pistol, H2 BR, H3 BR, DMR etc.

Make community designed maps - let the community design maps and build them as DLC (NOT FORGE)

Let players from different communities(MLG, Grifball, Infection)help - Allow a few players from each community come in and help design the game to make it perfect for them on release.

More than one player watching film - Was a stupid thing to remove in the first place

Add some colour to forge - Please no grey…

60 FPS - Does it need a reason?

Controller mapping - A brilliant idea that is in very few console games.

Custom Armour - Not just picking premade helmets etc. actually changing visor shape, helmet size etc.

Add folders to custom games - Say for example you pick forge world, you could create a folder for infection maps, FFA maps etc.

I see you are a MP player…

I love Multi but Campaign is what makes the game for me. As long as the Multiplayer has good maps and is fun and balanced (take away that crappy loadout system- choice isn’t good for Multiplayer games- excluding custom appearance) I will be fine with it. Campaign is what needs to blow me away in both story, graphics and gameplay.

I know it’s just your wishlist, but 60fps in a Halo title is not going to happen. It’s just the limitation of the Xbox hardware. Too much goes on on-screen for it to be rendered at 60fps with the 360’s graphics hardware.

My personal wishlist:

1-50 ranking system – Sure, it brought cheaters, tryhards, and endless amounts of e-peen measuring; but let’s face it, that stuff is still around, and having a number to measure your ability in the game is rewarding and motivating.

More maps on release – Halo Reach had a very limited selection of maps on release. This is one main reason we see so many forge world variants in matchmaking. The DLC maps are great, which leads me to my next point…

Better DLC integration – Let’s face it, DLC is coming to Halo 4, whether we like it or not. Whichever way you feel about it, I think we can all agree that in Halo Reach, DLC integration has been abysmal. 343i needs to integrate dlc into Halo 4 without disrupting those who don’t adopt it.

Stay away from GrimDark Class-Based FPS #33560 gameplay. – one of the things that has always set Halo apart from it’s competitors is it’s (now) unique colorful palette, and arena shooter gameplay. Reach strayed dangerously far from this.

If 343i sticks to this, judging by what i’ve seen from the trailer and concept art, Halo 4 will return the series to the beauty it was once known for.

My two cents

My reply to everything on your wish list:

> 1-50 ranking system

Doesn’t have to be 1-50. Just has to be a real valid, skill based structure.

> Improved service record

Yes, very yes.

> No bloom

To be honest, I don’t think “No bloom” so much as I think “Working bloom”. Say the BR, there should be bloom, but ONLY to show the accuracy of each bullet in the burst, then it should ALWAYS reset before shooting again, no matter how fast you pull the trigger, purely aesthetic. VS the AR, which needs functional bloom, showing the spread of prolonged firing.

> Make it competitve out of the box

What is competitive is in the eye of the beholder. Some might say Anniversary is the most competitive gametype, others might say TU, others Zero Bloom, others MLG, others Default settings. Let players play what they want, we don’t need to force everyone to play MLG settings. Besides, Slayer DMRs is good enough for most players.

> Developer support to rival Blizzard (Starcraft)

Monthly is regular enough. Doesn’t need to rival Blizzard, just Dice.

> Dedicated Servers

Totally agree, 100%

> Remove pointless medals

Agree again. I still don’t get excited for scoring most medals in the game unless they are sprees or multikills. Just look over the medals, ask yourselves “Which of these require effort?” And get rid of the rest.

> IF AAs are included make them completely movement related

AAs = Bad. Map pickups = Good. Overshield and Camo were awesome. And Equipment only sucked because they didn’t always work to the player’s advantage when they deployed them. Pick-up AAs are a good idea, MLG uses Jetpack and Evade brilliantly.

> Improve on the voting system

As well, do Gametype and Map voting separately. Start by voting for the Map, then do the voting for the gametype (Options for gametype only include appropriate choices for the map). If the result is a tie, or none of the above, it should ALWAYS be a random option that wasn’t even on the list.

> More small arena style maps

Actually, Reach has too few Big Team maps as well, the problem is all the in-betweens that aren’t good for either one (Boardwalk, Tempest, Condemned, etc.). So include both more small arenas, and large battlefields. And less “Oh this kinda works either way but not really” maps.

> Fix the matchmaking options

Location, Skill, and Party Size should be the 3 options. Period.

> Far more customisable options

Yes. As well as weapon properties for EACH WEAPON SEPARATELY.

> Focus on Multiplayer over the Campaign

Constructing Multiplayer maps separately from Campaign is a must. They always turn out better that way. Though if you plug MP maps INTO Campaign it’s not terrible. But in a nutshell I think the game physics, and sandbox should be designed for multiplayer, but still work hard on Campaign story, and missions. Just use whatever epic multiplayer properties you make the Campaign’s gameplay properties as well.

> For custom games add old weapons

Yes. We should always be able to use classic weapon variants. For instance, I want to be able to place the M6D, M6G, and M6C pistols all on the same map in Forge, or spawn players with them as sidearms of different loadouts. Or the Plasma rifle, which I should be able to spawn the Type-25[R] (Halo CE), and the type-25 (Halo 2/3/Reach) Plasma weapon. But use the Halo 4 sandbox in regular gamemodes in MM.
> Make community designed maps
The program we use to make maps should be called forge, but it should be a PC program, that we import to Reach using the File Share system.
> Let players from different communities(MLG, Grifball, Infection)help
I don’t think this will be necessary. Custom Options should be varied enough to make great gametypes after a brief wait. Besides, we should all get used to Reach before MLG and the like come out.
> More than one player watching film
> Add some colour to forge
Won’t be necessary with the PC program concept.
> 60 FPS
Actually to be honest, doesn’t matter to me. 60 FPS just means they spend more time making twice the frames of movement/modeling, and less time making the game actually better.
Controller mapping
This should have been in Reach. Hands down.

> Custom Armour
I don’t think this is necessary, preset helmets etc. give the armory a ground-out place in Halo’s fiction. Though we need more options: Right Wrist, Shins, Feet, and for chest we should pick a base, then attachments, like on Helmets. Also, make attachments better, you can choose between 4 areas “Top, Left, Right, Bottom” on Helmets, and “Chest, Collar, Back, Belt” on Armor, then toggle any attachment that could go there.
Shoulders need to be real shoulder plates, like in Halo 3, not “attachments” like in Reach.
Also: When a player has grenades, or any kind of pickup, SHOW IT on the body, Grenades on the hips, Equipment/other pickups aught to go where Utility does, show it poking out of pockets, or on top of UA.
> Add folders to custom games
Very good idea, I like it. You should also be able to “Recommend” gametypes to specific maps, so when you choose a map, it brings up a sub-menu with “recommended gametypes” so you don’t have to sift through your gametype menu separately.