My goodness...

Hey y’all,

I just watched Ducain23 (Vangaurd now) get out of Recurve to walk about on one of the forge canvas and I have to say… I am blown away. The sheer size of Glacier is astounding and highly detailed. Sure there was some soft death zones, but if they removed some of the ones (ex: mountain side) or pushed them further I think the canvas will beat forge world in size. I can’t wait to see what objects/how many we can play about with. Really hoping for a pelican (custom and forge only to keep ‘balance’) or some UNSC air vehicle. The height of the roof is insane too.

Just had to get off chest lol

I have to watch this

I highly recommend doing so. Sure you have to go to custom games to do it, but the end result is nice for you can get a feel of how the canvas will flow.

It looks sorta cool, but I’m noticing the textures of the ground on both maps are kinda gross looking. I enjoy the setting, it’s just kinda ugly.