My Gold Pack wasn't opened, Rep points taken

So I go to open up a Golden Req pack right, like purchasing it from the Req store with Req points. Anyways so start opening the pack and a Error happen while I’m opening it. So it didnt allow me to open it and as I went to try again I noticed it took my 10,000 Req points. Idk what happened, I left the game I was in and was opening it in lobby. Pretty disappointed and really want those req points back cause I’m on the grind for Vigilant Helmet and Armor.

Hey OP, what happened here is the REQ opening sequence got skipped but you will still have gotten your items. They may not show straight away, you can either check your inventory here on Waypoint or hard reset your console to check what new items you unlocked

I’m having the same problem. None of the troubleshooting didn’t work