My Gold is wasting every second your game flubs.

I specifically bought an Xbox One and GOLD for this.
I CAN’T be the only one. Re-compensate us and I’ll learn to forgive this horrid, horrid release.
While you’re at it, I want a Halo poster and a Cortana cut-out…with a strategically placed hole…
And throw in some pizza and energy drink coupons.
And while you’re at it, a free X1 game.
These are my requirements. You have 1 week.

I totally agree, i bought the xbox one merely for playing MCC and have the same problem

It’s blasphemy. I worship Halo. I sing the theme song in my sleep. My freaking controller died after a couple days of buying new batteries for it, and all I did was constantly search for matches. LOL

I spent $456 on Halo and a xbox one… I’ve paid for almost two weeks of gold and haven’t been able to use it. That’s not very cool

Funny how i badly wanted to get an Xbone for MCC and then this release happened, lol.

Cry more.

Your tears are so yummy.

I taste yummy? Mmm.

I’m a Halo diehard too.
But all this talk of people demanding things is upsetting.
We aren’t entitled to anything, other than what was promised.
We have Halo, at smooth framerates on xbox one. Yes, multiplayer is messed up, but they’re doing their best to fix it.
If you honestly can’t try one of your free Games for Gold while your waiting for online to get fixed, or buy another game to tide you over, maybe you should take a breather and go for a walk.

I bought my Xbox One and Live just for this too.
Not been a gamer for a few years - Halo 2 and NFSU2 were the big hitters when last I played seriously on ye olde Xbox. Halo 2 especially.

All I can say is THANKS 343i

I’m now rocking FarCry 4, Titanfall, I enjoyed the COD AW campaign, Sunset Horizon, The Walking Dead, Minecraft with my son, Forza H2, GTA5, DIA, Trials Fusion
I’m spoilt for choice.

You gone done me a proper favour dawg! My missus goes to be earlier than me, has done for years.
I used to watch a movie or some crud on TV every night. Now I play games! Much better! Awesome. Well happy.

And soon Ill have a fully working Halo! Twill do for me!

Bonnie Ross has stated as soon as the issues of Matchmaking has been fixed, they’ll work out an idea to make up for the MCC’s flawed release. So you can be happy about that folks! You’ll get your compensation.