My general Feedback, from a new halo player to 343


Simply providing feedback to 343. Not sure if this topic belongs here, but I couldn’t find another forum for it.

I haven’t played the campaign yet, so my feedback are entirely based on the multiplayer for both Warzone and Arena. Before going further, let me start by saying that I really enjoy the game and do not regret my purchase at all. I’ll definitely be spending much time with this game.


  • Lag - I was under the impression that the match making was supposed to be based on ping and skills. I don’t know about the skill part, but I am sure that the ping isn’t taken into consideration. I got several events, where some peoples where lagging very badly. Here is a video proof of one guy lagging so bad during a game. - YouTube - Ping indicator: Why no ping indicator? With this info, I will know if it is an issue with me or the other guy. Right now I haven’t found where to get that info. This is a must for a competitive shooter. All other FPS are offering that kind of indicators wether in the form of bars on actual ping number. By not showing, it will make people talk about the lack of good server, when in fact in might be a simple case of a player lagging badly. - Hit registration - Maybe related to lag (1). Not sure here, I still need to examine this further, but it looks like not all of my shots actually land. Here I am referring to the pistol or BR, not the AR. And no, no overshiled was used. - radar - I payed the beta and yes the radar was way to big for the maps. But right now, 18m seems way to small and kind of render the radar useless, cause when you see the opponent on radar it is too late. Think about all those who play solo, they don’t communicate with others. They can only rely on the radar, which is now not very useful. I am not asking for a return to the beta size, but something in between.Arena

  • Spawn - This is somewhat annoying right now. Very often, I’ll spawn very close to enemy. Don’t know if this is a by-product of the sprint and thruster features, but I barely have time to spawn that I am getting shot from a blind side at very close range! - Plaza map - Not sure about this map. Way too many blind spot to get shot from. I surely need to adapt to it, but at first glance, I feel it doesn’t really fit with Halo 5. Again, it might be just me. - On the bright side, I am liking this mode very much!Warzone

  • Let me start that this mode is a lot of fun and is way less serious than Arena, which is a good thing. It allows for folks like me who like to compete for fun (Arena), but enjoy an evening of mindless shooting, which Warzone provides! Great addition. - Lag - In this mode, I have experience way more lag than arena. Not sure if this is server related other the opponents lagging, but I was seeing a few more people teleporting here and there while playing. The same thing was experienced by my friends while playing together and they are on a different ISP. So I doubt that it is related to our ISPs. Again ping indicators would have help identify if it was a player issues or a server issue - REQ pack - Cool idea, but I find them to be borderline pay to win. Not enough to make me want to not play but a bit annoying.Cheers,