My Gamertag is banned, but not?

For the past year, my gamertag(GT) has been Jonny Code.

No hassles at all with xbox live or Halo: Reach

Also, my Service Tag on Halo: Reach has always been Code (to reflect my GT).

But for the past few weeks (It’s been a month now), I have been unable to use “CODE” as my service tag. It pops up with an error, “This is not allowed” and makes me choose another; you know, the same message you get when you try to use ‘-Yoink!-’ or something. That’s fine, whatever, I don’t mind changing my Service Tag.

But, it seems that since my GT has Code in it, I am unable to upload any files to File Share (which I have been able to in the past). Everytime I do, it pops up with an error, “The Gamertag of this author is not allowed”.

I have had this GT for (going on) two years now and I don’t understand why it is now banned.

343, if you could please help me.

There’s a problem with all sorts of harmless words being added to the list of forbidden words. This affects not only Reach but everything on Xbox Live. For example, the word “base” is also banned, thus you can’t upload video clips to your file share that you made on Sword Base if you leave the default description.

That problem’s been around for more than a month (or two?) now, and still not even a beep from Microsoft. :expressionless:

As stated above, there’s numerous problems with Microsoft’s word filter. “Code” seems to be in the same category as “Base”, I can’t even think of a naughty way to use either of those words.

343i and anybody here can’t really help you, for its a Microsoft error, not Halo. Call Microsoft’s Xbox customer support number and see if you can sort it out with them!

Let us know if you hear anything back!

I had no idea if it was xbox wide or just in Halo: Reach.

Thanks for the info, it seems to have fixed itself. Thank you.