My Game Crashed and I was Deranked/Lost MMR

Me and my friends were playing ranked and my game crashed twice, I got deranked even though this wasn’t my fault, I think the game should actually detect when the game crashes verse a legitimate disconnect, also I wish there was a way where I can rejoin my friends if I am disconnected, having them just left without me makes the game less enjoyable for all of us.

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Happened to me yesterday. I didn’t lose rating, but it sucked for my friends to just sit in a 3v4.

My friend crashed 14 times and just gave up for the night, and I crashed 5 times and was booted into Offline mode when I clearly still had a stable ethernet connection while in a party chat. I also suffered some severe fps drops even in the menu for no reason at all. Infinite is nowhere near stable enough to have a ban and derank system yet.

Crashes have been annoying. Were you playing Xbox or PC?

I’ve got the same issue on PC about half an hour ago. Is there any way to find a crash report?

PC, its happened almost once everytime I sit down to play.

no, it’s why I’m posting here to maybe get it noticed

Looks like I could fix it by updating Nvidia driver to 496.76. I’ll look further how it is going.

Nope, the game still crashes.