My Frustrations w/ the MCC

I guess I’m one of those rare few who mainly bought an Xbone and the MCC to play Halo 4 @ 60 FPS, and 1080p. Playing through the campaign was a blast on Legendary on H4. However, there are no play list online for H4 (The reason I bought this game). I like Halo 4 the way it was (Sprint, Armor abilities… THRUSTER PACK!!!, and ordinance drops… For me 343 nailed this game in nearly every aspect other than not having Marty O’ Donnell to do the sound track). I like Infinity Slayer. I didn’t buy the DLC maps on 360 so was looking forward to playing them all on the MCC.

I honestly could care less about playing Halo 1-3 multiplayer.

343 if you’re listening would love to see infinity slayer, btb, swat, doubles, etc playlists for H4. I don’t care if it has a 2-5k population as long as I have the option to play the game I was expecting to play. (4 FULL games as advertised w/ ALL the maps from every game… I assumed this meant playlists as well just as they were in their original form).

I respect others prefer Halo 1-3 (I played them all fairly extensively, more so 3 online but none the less) and simply prefer 4. I have the most fun with it. It feels balanced. I don’t care about MLG, and dude broness. I play to have fun. 4 is the most fun online to me. Looking forward to Spartan Ops at least.

I really didn’t think I’d be thinking to myself I shouldn’t have bought an Xbone and got a PS4 instead.

The one thing I don’t like about what I’ve seen from Halo 5 is this sprint buff. I don’t think you should have to stop for 5 seconds before shields recharge. I didn’t think this was unbalanced in 4 and think it will be a bit jarring in 5 but I’ll get it anyway but hope they change it.

I guess I can do as others say (Play the game you like which for me is 4) but I can’t on Xbone other than campaign. (Hell I tried getting on my 360 two days ago to play H4 online and the servers were down but I don’t want to go back to 30FPS-) Looking forward to spartan ops at least. Anyone else feel the same as me?

Oh and I’ll add I liked the loadouts as well. Just added more fun to the game to me. I pretty much liked everything about the game (BTB default maps were a bit small) except the soundtrack was subpar compared to Marty but thats quite hard to beat.

The campaign was absolutely amazing on the Xbox One. As for multiplayer I imagine 343 will put the Halo 4 playlist back after they fix the issues in the MCC but who knows how long it’ll take. I’m being patient and playing Halo 4 matchmaking on my 360 in the meantime.