My Friend Used My Preorder Bonus Content Code

When I was sleeping, my friend used my redeem code for the in-game content that I got for preordering the Halo 4 limited edition XBox 360. I am mad.
I have already contacted Microsoft to try and resolve this issue, but they can not do anything about it. They said my best bet would be to contact 343 Industries, however 343 doesn’t seem to have any contact information on the web. Which is very inconvenient.

I need help, I don’t know what to do, I want my in-game content that is rightfully mine, but there’s nothing I can personally do about it.
Can anyone help me?

You can’t do anything about it, why didn’t you redeem the codes as soon as you got them!?

there’s really nothing anyone can do, sorry. your friend is a jerk, and you’ll just have to deal with him having the preorders

i dont think that’s possible

I have one thing of advice, make the -Yoink- of a “friend” you have pay for the content code online or decide what the value of the code is to you and make him pay that. He’s an -Yoink-.


pre-order is $60, I would say the bonus is worth about 40$

Well it was rightfully yours, then your so called friend stole it from you

Once redeemed thats it, its gone…your friend should do the right thing and purchase you a new LE edition so you can have the codes as he stole your originals

Next time pick better friends, and redeem your codes when you have them

Once the code is used it’s used, there’s nothing they can do about it. Best you can do is get a new friend.

I do have to agree with the other members with this, he isn’t really a true friend if he stole your pre order codes, I would have asked him to pay for them and then told him to leave and never speak to me again

His friend didn’t use the code… His friend probably gave him the code after he used it to try get a new one from 343 by saying it didn’t work.

Wtf iSaviour? That’s not even true at all. The console, the game, everything is in my name and I have the receipt of purchase. I’ve already proved to Microsoft that it is mine because I had to before they could do anything about it. I also used the other codes already, because they are mine. Just like the one he used.
I can see how you would think that, but that’s not true bro.

Well thanks everyone, I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.

Not sure how old you are (I’m assuming a Teenager) but a simple call to your friends parents will most likely get you enough money to grab another code from ebay… might be a little embarrassing though. Sorry that happened to you :frowning:

punch him In the face, the account and call It a day… you call that a friend?

this sounds a lot like a “little brother” thread. its always everybody’s fault but the OP

You’re friend is suuuch a troll.
If he’s close, don’t dump him for something like that though, ehh.
It’s hard to come across friends these days.
But I literally laughed my *ss off so hard when I saw this topic. Laughed even harder when I read the OP.

Anyways, I think you can a a licence transfer though, where you transfer downloaded content from one GT to another one.
But I’m guessing Microsoft would have mentioned this?

People sell the codes for pre-order and LE content on eBay. Make your friend buy you some new codes.

It will cost a lot, but it was an item you paid money for and he stole it. I’d hound him about it til he pays up.