My fix to Halo's current monetization issue

What I would like to see changed to the whole monetization system.

  • Lower item prices, by either 50% - 25%.
  • All purchasable items viewable in the store, like a catalog, so players know the relative value of each item.
  • The option to buy bundled items separately, and have bundles as a grouped discount.
  • Weekly and Daily items should be discounted deals off the normal price, not a rotational store.
  • Add credits to weekly ultimate challenge unlock or the battle pass or both.

I think the implemention of these ideas would let players have a better understanding of the value of their dollar in game, and the option to earn credits through play would let players afford or lower the price of store cosmetics. Currently, the system pressures players to buy the weekly and daily items or just makes them confused about where Security, CQB, or their favorite armors are located.

The gameplay is amazing and 343 did an amazing job at putting this game togeather, and I think we all just want to see Halo be the top dog in gaming again.
Also please share your own opinions and ideas!


I agree with the changes and offer my alternative, but it’s mostly keeping in with your idea:

-Add two more pricing options, a 700/750 and a 300/350 option to bridge the substantial value gap between the current packs

  • Add the credits to BP/Challenges as stated in your post. This is a must for a modern F2P in order to create an incentive for any non-BP users who are on the edge deciding whether they should invest their 10 currency into buying it
  • If not credits, then materials to “requisition” specific pieces of armor or generally a cosmetic they’d like
  • As you stated, tie those unlocked pieces with the bundles so that the bundles automatically discount based on the amount of unlocked pieces from that bundle
  • Remix and reprice the bundles so that the value of the items match the price a person is spending
  • For people who’ve already bought the bundles, reimburse them with the credit difference

If this game is planned to continue for years, it has to have a solid F2P scheme: Progression, Customization and Monetization are it’s main pillars and if they’re out of balance, then it will always result in players not feeling like it’s worth their time.

These things can absolutely be done, while retaining cashflow, but most importantly they guarantee that the game will be played and new players will come in. A proper balancing of the value/price ratio within the store while giving people an option of an alternative source of currency/materials to unlock specific things is a must.

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