My Fix for “Sprint”

As a long time Halo franchise player, I prefer competitive halo multiplayer to be played with no sprint. As time has progressed it seems that sprint in FPS is a “must” in order to keep the game interesting and cool and up-to-date.

No sprint is preferred by many in halo for countless game flow reasons.

Why not meet somewhere in the middle for Halo Infinite?

Add a gameplay concept where, the longer you hold forward, your spartan will slowly gain speed to the point where he is nearly sprinting. Having the weapon never drop. (Maybe start wobbling a bit at max speed)

The dissapointing thing about the newly added sprint and clamber system is that in order to keep up with the game flow you are basically forced to use your sprint. Which then drops your weapon and leads to many lost gun fights. You can also escape from grenade traps and enemy flanks much easier which doesn’t feel like halo. Also, the ability to die, respawn and sprint quickly back into the fight changes the entire feel of halo where dying is supposed to make your team feel a man down for awhile which leads to a greater feel of classic map control.

Lets do this right and think of something in the middle for Infinite. Don’t fudge this up.

In a custom game H5
Set 110% speed, turn off sprint,
set clamber speed to 120%
Adjust thruster up or down same with stafe. Turn off all other AAs a run around the map for 10mins, I think this could be a great comprimise.

Being able to run and gun and having the the whole game at one bms is the key imo,
I don’t think things like thrusters or clamber really affect gameplay all that much. Thrust with all other abilities turned off is a cool evasion tool,
clamber turned up to 120% speed is a barely noticeable jump enhancement that allows to to ultulize the h5 maps (120% jump with 110%grav also effective)

There’s plenty of existing topics on sprint, let’s use one of those please and thanks.