My first team online experience in Halo 4

Just some random positiveness to break up the complaints.

I jumped into a couple of team regicide battles in Halo 4 last night and I loved it. Could be that it was fast paced, could be that I didn’t have 6 year olds abusing me every 10 seconds, could be that I actually did reasonably well for once. Not sure what it was but I really enjoyed it. Was it a perfect experience? No. Won one match without firing a single bullet when the other team all bailed. As I’ve said before though, I don’t have much to compare it to.

Halo 4 was re-kindled my love for the franchise and very much looking forward to the second half of Spartan Ops. May even see some of you in the Team Regicide battlefield :slight_smile:

team regicide is out for a couple of weeks now :frowning:

are there any new playlists today? :confused: