My first short video on halo 5, love this game

do not hesitate to give me feedbacks!:slight_smile:
it’s my first video ever, i’m better on halo 5 than making videos but… Halo 5 online gameplay HD in music (halo warthog theme) - YouTube

Lazy Link

Copy and paste the link ? :confused:

> 2535423605518671;3:
> Copy and paste the link ? :confused:

I meant that I made it easier so people can click on it. Instead of copying and pasting you can click on the one titled “Lazy Link” for people like me, that are lazy.
Your video is alright, I’m guessing you’re young so keep at it.

oh sorry I understand now, (I had to improve my English too :wink:
Thank you BLAM!

thanks to all the 90 viewers
That was my first game on xbox one

anybody else?:slight_smile:

I’m not a big fan of the front that you use for the titles as they seem like the default font used for the editing program you work with. I would try using a font that you feel represents your creative style to how you want the viewer to see your work. Really try to make your film standout from other gameplay videos in this way.

Your gameplay footage is good as well as how you pieced it together with the transition wipes. I would however try to vary those wipes and play around with how you transition from shot to shot as the video progresses because it reads a little bit stale and repetitive as the video goes on.

Overall very nice work and definitely keep up the content!