My first perfection



Fellow Waypointers.

I’m ecstatic to share this with you. Within the last hour, I played my most momentous game of H2BR Slayer ever. Just so you know how momentous, I’ll link the carnage report here.

I am am so unbelievably happy right now yet so mentally exhausted. I know this is probably going to be my only Perfection, but I’ll cherish it for as long as my Halo “career”.

The one thing I had to remember the whole time and my biggest tip for Perfections is this: ALWAYS SHOOT FIRST. Keep this in mind, and a perfection will be on its way. There is also a fair bit of luck involved, but with enough time and extreme sweat, it’ll happen.

Congrats on the perfection! I’m super jealous.

Congrats man! Way to go!

Nice job carrying your entire team. :clap::clap:

Way to go!

Only thing that can make it better is if the salty players report your skills as “cheating” lol.

Congrats on the medal.

Normally when people are going for a perfection or unfrig, they tend to become a target. Good to see you played well enough to survive