My First Montage plz watch

Belongs in the Community Creations section.

But anyway, very nice set of kills there! Here’s just a few things to improve on in future:

  1. Don’t show your deaths unless you’re kill-swapping, cut right before you die if necessary but if you can, try to avoid showing yourself entering another fight if it’s the one you die in.

  2. Unless you’re trying to synchronize the audio to the video or are designing the montage for specific purposes or to a specific flow, your best clip needs to be the first one in the montage and your second best needs to be your last. It’ll open the video to the viewer and instantly grab their attention with the first clip and when the video ends, the last clip will leave them wanting more, usually gaining you a subscriber.

  3. If you have too many kills to fit in one video, try to select the cleanest ones if possible, the ones that are less grenade or shot spammy and give off a feel that you predicted the opponent and acted accordingly.

  4. Work on synchronizing the audio to the video when working with music so that the high points of the music occur at the same time as you getting a kill, as something explodes or as the medal pops up on the screen, try and also synchronize your cuts to fit with the music too.

  5. Consider titling your video with something that’ll grab people’s attention but also something that will explain the video in one, two or a few words. This could be the name of the song, part of the lyrics, something that happens in the video, part or all of your gamertag, a nickname or a part of a quote that you feel fits with the video.

A very good first try and good luck in the future! I’ll be keeping my eye out for your videos. :smiley:

And if possible… Make you video viewable via mobile. Would have watched if I could, sorry bro.

Nice job. I liked it.