My first impression of Halo 5

I like the ranking system, I feel it really would help people get better quickly by consistently playing competitive opponents.
I like the thruster pack. I’ve been waiting for this to be implemented as standard. 343 did well with that.
I like most of the maps.

This game generally isn’t smooth at all. Compared to previous Halo games, the actions and animations are very slow and almost clunky.
Scoping in takes a second when it used to be instantaneous.
You are unable to cancel a sprint by scoping in like you could with Reach and H4. It’s very very noticeable for me.
I noticed that you can’t melee and jump simultaneously as well there is a delay between the two.
I played FFA so can’t say much about spawns because spawns have always sucked in FFA.
Sometimes the game wont allow you to sprint while being shot while other times you are able to sprint whilst being shot in the back.
Very little aim assist in this game, I had to try to undo 10 years of muscle memory and I wasn’t very consistent with Magnum or BR.
Honestly, it felt as if this game was fighting me more than the players I was up against. This game just didn’t feel natural to me at all. I know in my mind how I should have approached certain situations to get Kills and stay alive, but I couldn’t translate that to the controller efficiently. I just wasn’t used to being on my heels like that. I’m used to out BRing most people consistently and not having to worry as much about the opponent getting the first shot.