My First halo Montage

Well guys, after a hard few days of work i am finished with my first montage. Heres the link, Be sure to put it on HD, and if you have an account please rate and comment.


[Montage Here]( l_video_title)

Nice work! I liked the gameplay, name and song, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch, i was really going for something layed back and not so flashy. I am Glad you liked it.

Very nice gameplay, good music and editing. I like it. Only criticism I have is that the “intro part” with you running through parts of several maps is a tad too long. But that’s just my opinon. :slight_smile:

Nice choice of music.

I liked it although the video as a whole was a tad long.

I liked that it wasn’t all about Sniper kills and that the Shotgun got some limelight. :smiley:

And the Tank finish was great! xD

Hey thanks guys, yeah again i was going simple, im not really a fan of the flashy montages. I agree the intro is very long, but it fits the song well.

Any chance you guys could vote on it?