My first day of Halo 4


Loved the opening level and those climbing scenes

Landing on Requiem was epic

Visuals I thought were stunning

Cinematics were much better than any other Halo game

Chief has a lot more dialog which I liked

Weapon sounds are awesome and beefy, best yet


Ending was chilling and quite sad because of Cortana and just makes me want to carry on the Reclaimer trilogy

War Games

Most fun I’ve had in years

Maps way more colourful than Reach

Ragnarock brings back good memories

Fun, satisfying weapons and good customisation

Sparten Ops

Did 1 chapter was good, and the cinematic was so realistic o.O

Other stuff

When the game starts up theres no annoying cameras moving through space (and you had to wait for ages) Now just a nice Microsoft and 343 start up

Menus are generally much improved with good visuals behind


My LE has a small hole on one of the sides of the front

Campaign only took me 5ish hours, although it was normal so I guess it would