My First Betrayal Kick

Why is it when we get a good game going that someone ruins it. Betray me once and I will forgive. Betray me twice and I will kick.

Some kids must be brain damaged to betray a winning team.

maybe it was an accident?

I’ve seen bad drivers before… This wasn’t it… He was mowing down our entire team.

Some guy tried to betray me for picking up MY OWN ordinance. He was trying to steal it. I picked it up, so he starts trying to beat me down. After 15 attempts (I’m guessing he was a bit slow witted) he realised that it wasn’t working so spent the next 5 minutes trying to splatter me in a ghost.

Then he got lasered by the enemy :smiley:

Yeah… annoying. I hopped in a Mantis on Ragnarok and had someone on my own team EMP me about six times… Which then resulted in me getting laser slaughtered. Some people shouldn’t be able to reproduce… bad genes.

I have a second account I use to grief others after I hit the cap. If 343 won’t let me rank up, then I need to find some way to make the game more interesting. Hearing the cries and pleas of other players makes for a good time.

And before you all get supermad telling me I’m ruining player experience, just think. I like ranking up, and when I can’t, 343 ruined mine.*

*I’m not actually serious. Observe how many people get super mad about this…

This is why friendly fire needs to be on so you can kick you teammate who kills you because you got to the vehicle he wanted first or they need to make vehicles so there is no friendly on them

I actually realised that the betrayal kick option only comes up if the betrayer has done it before. I got accidentally ran over just now and the kick option didn’t come up.

So that one that Betrayed me twice (and I got two offers to kick him) obviously was griefing.

ive been betrayed 20+ times and never had a boot option. ive accidentally gotten 10-20 betrayals and been booted 8 times. (all of these were teammates spawning into my wraith shots or boosts). kinda wish teammates couldnt damage at all, especially with this unpredictable spawn system