My first attempt at a montage

what video editor did you use

heres one i made yesterday

iMovie. Don’t really know much about this kind of thing. Just fancied having a go.

yeah me too i use avs video editor but it downgraded the graphics and im not sure why

Pretty good man. I was a Destiny addict until this game came out.

i havent played destiny either since this came outexcept for few little things like lobby chat not working im really liking the game

Me too. Thing is I loved the pvp in Destiny when it worked, but nearly every other game there was some red bar ruining it! I can honestly say this game imo has the best multiplayer I’ve ever played and I’ve been playing since mega drive days ! 100 plus games and still not experienced any lag!

ive come across a few situations in warzone were one player is lagging really bad but thats about it