My Final post on the forums

Hello All.
With the Forums shutting down in the coming. I might as well put it here before it does since this Might be my last post.

I’m happy to have had discussions and debates about halo. it was fun talking about 343’s itterations and bungie’s, thinking up new ideas for the sandbox and fixes to make it better. I know on my end, I’m one of the more wordy and ranty members, and I’ve tried to not do that anymore, but as someone who grew up with .

It’s an ashame that they are shutting down the forums, but its understandable. I’ve seen some days with 0 interaction with players, with the server being a bit more active. Tho IMO i feel discussions will become less prevalent, as you cant really make Posts like these on servers (you can make topics, but its not like here)

That being said, I also want to add that from now until I reach it, I’m gonna be playing 5 until lvl 152. I’ve been wanting to grind it out since Summer 2021, but never had the time nor money to do it. In turn I just wanted to say I’ll be on around 10-11pm every night (unless something comes up)

I’m not LFG however…

I’m moreso just wanting to say That I’ll be out there, as the player base isn’t that big compared to MCC or Infinite, and the Matchmaking time can be a bit long. I’m not looking for die-hard players. just if you want to join, don’t be shy. the more the merrier. maybe if it spins around to be an actual group, might make a discord groupchat for some halo outside of the grind, like some customs. (I am in servers for something like this, but my time is too volatile and i might miss my own LFGs. so i thought just “I’ll be on this time, don’t be shy” would be better, as stated)

See you then