My final post about desync - genuine but happy to leave it at this

@Vault_Tec I was intrigued by your post with all the clips so thank you for that. It does help highlight my concern however.

I’m only going to make one more post on this subject. I will not talk about desync again going forwards. I’ve even asked the mods to shut down the other topic because I really can’t be bothered anymore. I get lots of you think I’m a -Yoink!-, whatever.

Thank you for providing clips, but know this is my exact worry. You’ve provided clips which in the large majority are not examples of desync (as far as my understanding goes, I’ve explained below my thoughts on each clip). People are liking it meaning they also struggle to identify desync. This is diluting the issue and is clearly a case of community misunderstanding and misrepresenting desync. I assume many players are also making this mistake.

DESYNC EXISTS. But not in every instance you’re experiencing. Like I said people keep posting stuff claiming desync when it isn’t. This post is evidence of that exact issue at work. People, watch the clips. I’m not downplaying the fact that each person’s desync may be very real, of course it can be. I’m saying that a lot of people are confused about it and it’s clear that is the case. As is here. Watch these clips, do you see desync? Or am I completely in the wrong here? I want the community to have a better understanding of what constitutes desync and what doesn’t and what to look out for. Myself included.

You’re out of range for the repulsor to work. No desync I can see here.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to show here but the guy you hit loses shields and the guy who jack’s you does it at the start. They’re not the same player. No desync I can see here.

This is more commonly known as rubberbanding and is usually a local issue with your own internet. Likely no desync I can see here.

Same as above.

Possible desync, finally! Although could just be melee hitbox. Notice how you are turned to the left. He is on your right and lunges more right it’s so quick but your melee might miss on the left. I haven’t slowed it down and it’s too messy for me to say for sure. This could be a case of desync but it’s unlikely due to every bullet registering perfectly up to the moment of the melee. I’d have to say no desync due to that, for me this has to be hitbox. Open for debate on this one.

You missed that shot. No desync I can see here.

You were one bullet from death. He killed you with an AR while your model was visible. You can even hear the shot and death line up perfectly and see the angle he has on you. No desync I can see here.

Your 5th shot is a body shot, you miss the 6th shot. It’s fast but it’s off target, you can also see as your reticule goes clear as you shoot, you’ve definitely missed. Slow it down a bunch and you’ll see. No desync I can see here.


Skewer sticking out of players head.


I’d like to point out that video evidence only proves it happens, but has no correlation to any measured frequency of occurrence.

Claims that it is something that breaks every game, or a constant occurrence, are unsubstantiated so far as I can tell. Especially because that narrative does not match my experience at all. In my experience, what we are now calling desync feels like it happens less frequently than it ever has since XBL launched, with the added benefit (imo) of shooter’s favor.

There is clearly some disconnect in the narrative when the mob claims the sky is red and my sky is definitely blue. And yet, I don’t want to discount the experiences of others. So I continue to believe this might be a hardware issue. Failed PC optimization, maybe? It’s also possible that me, on my low-end tech, do not have the frames, pings, flops, flaps, drips, bleeps, sweeps or creeps to notice subtle but more everpresent desync. Idk, I’m not of the sufficient knowledge or experience to propose real theories.

All I know is that the problem is not universal. And therein might lie the solution.


Lmao great clip. Yes that appears to be a clear case of desync.

I’m happy to see someone correctly being able to identify desync and clip accordingly.

I absolutely acknowledge desync. This post is about questioning one’s own understanding of the instances that they occur. As many people I’ve seen claim desync then post a clip where they clearly miss shots or something else is at play. A popular youtuber made the exact same mistake.

Not everyone who says desync is happening is wrong. Of course they aren’t. It is happening to them and many others. I’m asking people to question when they are unsure if that’s what it is or to help them understand what is happening in their clips so they can better understand for the future. It would be incredibly frustrating for them if 343 release a patch that helps desync significantly yet they are still experiencing what they think is client desync when it isn’t (missed shots, mistakes, rubber banding).

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I think there are clear desync issues, and I believe everyone has experienced it at the minimum 2-3 times.
What I think is happening is that once people experience desync for 2-3 times, they start to believe that close-calls or barely not being able to survive/not being able to kill cause of mistakes done due to panicking in quick moments that are not that clear to players unless they take another look with tools to examine them more clearly, are desync.

This coupled with the fact that other issues, such as bugs or even issues that are caused by the players own internet, are also pretty common and equivalented to desync. So that’s not to say desync issues don’t exist, but to say they probably aren’t as common/are results of different issues that are similar to desync.

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Trolls gonna troll… Again…


Here’s some of my clips.

The desync is at the end of this clip.

Here’s some weird buggy-ness

Tell me you see nothing here

And here?


This is a great example. Clearly not favouring what is seen on the shooters screen.

I personally don’t have the time to rewatch every match and document every instance. I simply play the game less. There are other games I can play that don’t have so many WTF moments.

I have noticed anecdotally that desync seemed to improve for me right before S2. Could it be something to do with network load? Who knows.


That’s rubberbanding so likely your own internet connectivity issues, not desync.

I agree, I do believe this is desync.

This one is strange, it’s hard to tell for me. This is probably desync, although could just be rubberbanding. If anyone can say with certainty which it is I’d appreciate the input. I just don’t know.

As with the first clip, that’s rubberbanding so likely your own internet connectivity issues, not desync.

And this is the only game this happens in (that I play) They need to address it.


It seems like you’re discounting stuff from personal bias here. I’ll again say that I don’t know if it’s desync or some other super weird issue specific to Xbox Series X consoles, the Halo edition that I have, or whatever else it could be… but the game is unplayable for me. It’s not a local network issue as you’ll see that I’ve spent dozens of hours verifying this. Couple it with the fact that none of my other games do the super weird s*** this one does. It certainly appears as lag sometimes, but you’ll notice than in each clip my network monitor doesn’t fluctuate. No high ping to cast the blame on. It should be visible in the upper right corner of every clip.

The repulsor was well within range to at least push him back for a moment. I’ve been entirely booped off maps further away than this. Absolutely no push whatsoever to this enemy.

The guy I full boosted into does not lose shields and that’s what I’m highlighting. They flare a little. I went back into theater mode at the time and verified he lost maybe 1/2 shields.

The network monitor disagrees with you.

Same as above.

I wasn’t super concerned with them not dying. The hit is clearly audible and they had no shields, but I was more intrigued at their nameplate and health bar.

Ok, you’re missing the issue in this clip. My gunfire was trash, no argument there. I down the first guy and re-engage the second. He is literally 10ft in front of me as I engage him. He then magically appears behind me and ninjas me. That’s the issue. I verified it in theater. It’s the same guy. No network issue detected via the monitor.

This one could just be a close miss.


I agree if it’s worse in this game than others. There are things you can do yourself to improve it like decluttering the number of devices connected to your WiFi/in use when you play. Also, by connecting via ethernet cable if possible. So if you can, you can make it better for yourself instantly. Although that may not be possible given your setup.

It sucks it’s worse in this game than others. I used to rubberband in Fortnite all the time (but that was due to my parents internet, not the game).

The issue you frequently experience and desync may be connected but they are also not quite the same thing. Hopefully, they can get to a position where performance is at least equal to other games. If you rubberband in one game, you should in all of them in theory!


Thanks captain obvious but here’s the problem, I’m already doing all those things

Yeah this is the only game where it happens for me

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You’re welcome. You may also upgrade your internet package, but obviously if it’s fine for other games then that’s unecessary. It would however likely solve your issue with Infinite. Should you have to do that? No. I’m just stating the option.

Have you established your packet loss? What you’ve posted is caused by that. As soon as you work out why you have it and how to minimise it you’ll stop having the issue in the game.

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You’re continually very rude. I’m not talking to you again on this site.

Looking forward to 343 fixing desync and you still experiencing “desync”.


Good because you’re wasting time and resources trying to dismiss peoples valid complaint with the game


I promise you that’s not within range.

Yeah the splatter kills are nerfed in Infinite. They just boosted damage on some like the Chopper. You usually need to build up speed and get a clean hit for a splatter. I’ve found all Splatters in this game are highly unreliable. The point is he lost some shields so the objects connected.

Someone who is more clued up may tell me I’m wrong here, but you can experience packet loss (rubberbanding) on low ping and I don’t think you’d see a change in ping. That’s because your connection to that game is good, it’s breaking out for small moments at a time during the packet loss causing you to teleport. I don’t think your ping changes when that happens as your ping is still good.

Are we talking about the Live Fire clip here? The guy kills you with his AR from in front of you. Check the kill feed.

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This is the clip in question. The guy I am looking at 1/2 a frame ago is now behind me somehow.

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What time and resources are you talking about?


Yeah so that guy is running towards you. Shoots and kills you with AR. You can see that in the kill feed. As you die, your body flies upwards into the camera for a moment obscuring his movement as he runs towards where you were.

Watch closely you will see he is running underneath your ragdolled body in the air. Which is why he ends up behind where you were when you were alive. My man did not stop for a cup of tea, extra bags.